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A dead rat inside the bowl of chili is ordered at the restaurant, it complained to local media an American citizen for 36 years, Billy Wilson, a resident of Florida. The man reported that he had gone last Wednesday in an American chain restaurant Golden Corral with friends and his son for a dinner in the company and ordered the chili. Having tasted the first bite but the sqallida surprise. "The first bite I heard a crunch and I thought a hard bean as sometimes happens in the chili," explained the man who immediately she spat the mouthful and discovered that he had in his mouth a grayish piece and that according to him was part of a head of a mouse. Inspecting the pot man so he discovered with horror the rodent head. At the sight of the rat in the chili man then began to feel bad vomiting several times. Alerted the restaurant staff, the friends of the men denounced the incident photographing the mouse head. Wilson says that the restaurant apologized letting them go away without paying, but the next day he felt ill again with nausea and vomiting and went to the emergency room of Cape Coral Hospital where doctors have treated for gastroenteritis and muscle spasms in the stomach. Wilson has already hired a lawyer, although it has not yet clear if give rise to legal action against the restaurant. By Golden Corral Meanwhile does not deny nor confirm the news, merely to report that an internal investigation to determine what happened. . Related info can be read clicking

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Fifty-two parliamentarians UMP announce their decision to vote Bruno Le Maire for the Presidency of the UMP, on behalf of a deep renewal and their requirement for a primary open to the right and the Center for 2017. After defeats in the presidential and legislative elections of 2012, after the fratricidal war for the Presidency of the UMP from November 2012, after the scandal of the Bygmalion case in may 2014, we aspire to a profound renewal in the UMP, both practices than in ideas. That is why we support enthusiastically Bruno Le Maire’s candidacy to the Presidency of the UMP, write MEPs Laure Raudière, Franck Riester and Thierry Solère, in a commentary published Wednesday by le Figaro and co-signed by 49 of their UMP colleagues. What we most need now is blood-Neuf, gathering, appeasement, leadership that combines the field in the development of a bold alternation project for the France, continuing the signatories, which do mention at any time the two rivals of Mr Le Maire for the Presidency of the party, Hervé Mariton and Nicolas Sarkozy. The signatories, members of Parliament, senators and MEPs, include Edouard Philippe, Deputy of Seine-Maritime, near of Alain Juppé, who had already expressed its support to Mr Le Maire. Renovation of democratic life with the end of cumulation with a senior job, limitation of mandates in the duration, refocusing of the State on its sovereign functions, freedoms to be granted to businesses, support for job-seekers, co, school: on all these topics, Bruno Le Maire was force of proposals, often with a time in advance, consider these parliamentarians. They reaffirm their requirement of a primary open to all the Republican right and the centre, in the fall of 2016. A long time deemed hostile to this procedure, Nicolas Sarkozy finally took it on his own account. We do not agree to the idea of the providential man but in contrast to the choice of the best project and the best candidate for a moment + T +, write also parliamentarians. There are 189 UMP deputies (and 9 caucusing) 143 senators and 19 MEPs. At least 13 supporters of parliamentarians are required to compete in the November 29 elections. . For more about this matter click

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A thorny consolidation of national championships: it’s more complicated to set up site. In Europe, where play the vast majority of the players likely to be selected, the Championships begin almost all in the month of August to end in May. A world in winter (November-December or January or February) would therefore cut the season in the middle of the competitions, European cups included. At the duration of the event (one month), it is necessary to add a time to the preparation of the selections but also a period of rest for international, for a total of at least two months. Stall this lump in the calendar, should start the season earlier (early July) and therefore cut back on holidays of the players. The Premier League can be a problem: most of the major European leagues are a late December of a minimum fortnight break. Fifa could be tempted to spend the rest of the international phase at that time to avoid disrupting the calendar a little more. The world would begin in mid-November ended a month later. Except that the powerful Premier League, the more diffuse Championship in the world, could oppose this project. Unlike the European neighbours, English clubs more matches at the end of year (four days in 10 days around Christmas). This traditional rush holidays across the channel is a tremendous boon to television since that it allows to occupy the antennas while European sport rests. Winter sports competition impossible: Sepp Blatter knows, the telescoping of the world with the winter games is not an option. Fifa president campaigning instead for an at the end of the year 2022 World Cup for maximum space the two events. "The date that suits, this is the end of the year. ” Because at the beginning play 2022, one arrives in the Olympic Winter Games,. And this isn’t just a question of respect for the games, but of the economic partners of football, with the IOC which are sometimes the same. "For me, (November-December) this is the best solution", said the leader. On this issue, the Switzerland knows there not have completely free hand. Likely to communicate on two competitions sponsors will exert a constant pressure. For them, the World Cup should not overshadow the games and vice versa. Broadcasters will put pressure: If Fifa manages to put the steps the owners of TVs in Europe on the principle of a suspension of the Championships in the winter, in the United States, the iron arm looks very hot. Across the Atlantic, the phare programme of the year remains the NFL (American football). Channels Fox and NBC have reason to fear a drop in audiences with the round ball competition. However, Fox Sports purchased the rights of the world 2018 and 2022 against one billion dollars (730 million euros) for competitions intended to unfold the summer. If the world moved in winter, Americans may ask to review these amounts downwards. This will be so much less money into the coffers of Fifa,. In France, TF1 reported in January last an event in November is indeed not hearings. The end of the year is often considered to be a good time for advertisers. The grumbling of other applications: the Japan, South Korea, the Australia, the United States may legitimately protest by explaining that their records had been designed for a summer World Cup. Gives being completely different if the world takes place in winter, they may require a new vote. A hypothesis that has also been dismissed by Michel Platini, president of UEFA, but if and only if evidence of corruption around the award of the the Qatar World Cup were made. In addition, the Australia, who won only one vote in the first round of the vote, has already informed that she could apply for a compensation to Fifa: "If the 2022 World Cup was to start in the middle of our season, there would be consequences on past and future seasons. Clubs, investors and broadcasters are all affected. » . For extended on this matter visit

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The new first aroused disbelief, then most of the time the disapproval: two of the largest groups of Silicon Valley are ready to finance the freezing of oocytes from their employees. According to NBC News, which revealed the information last week, Facebook already reimbursed expenses collection and conservation of oocytes at height of 20. us $ and Apple is ready to integrate this technology to its internal health insurance from January 2015. In both cases, the rationale is the same: promoting the employment of women – particularly low in the Californian high-tech – and help them better manage their career. Transhumanism, first. This current of thought, appeared in the 1980s, advocates that the scientific and technical progress can – and must – be used to improve physical and brain capacities of the human being. For transhumanists, the convergence of biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology and cognitive science (NBIC) promises a new era in which the aging, disease and death may be otherwise removed, at least controlled with precision. Left to divert to medical innovations developed originally to heal or repair. The freezing of oocytes, designed initially to solve infertility problems but now used for delaying the biological clock, is a pretty good example. Silicon Valley today appears as the culmination of the transhumanist movement. More than Apple and Facebook, it is Google who is interested the most. End of 2012, the search engine giant has hired one of its best-known theoreticians, Ray Kurzweil, to the position of "director of engineering. Artificial intelligence pioneer and futurist provocative, Kurzweil says that humans and the computer will merge, bringing humanity into a new era which he calls ‘Singularity ‘. Just a year ago, Google also announced the creation of Calico, a company whose ambition is to extend for at least twenty years the human life expectancy. Its CEO, Arthur Levinson, former boss of the firm of biotech Genentech, also chairs the Board of Directors,. Apple. In a California where the cult of the body and cosmetic surgery are part of local culture in the same way as the Golden Gate, the prolongation of life is seen as a market of the future – especially as it responds to a universal concern: the fear of aging and dying. The decision of Apple and Facebook symbolizes another trend of Silicon Valley, as the essayist and researcher American Evgeny Morozov calls the "solutionnisme": the idea that the NBIC can provide a solution to all the problems of the world, even the most remote technology. As pointed out last week the participants of the Women’s Forum in Deauville, the idea that the freezing of oocytes can help to combat women’s underemployment in the high-tech is simplistic and naive. Such shortcuts are still commonplace in California and give rise to inflamed predictions often times worldwide. The Modern Meadow start-up claims as well as the cultures of cells and 3D printing association will solve the problem of hunger in the world to produce artificial meat. The autonomous car must remove both congestion and road mortality. Big Data will help to detect outbreaks before even they are triggered. The Mooc replace universities and facilitate the access of the poorest to culture. The list may seem endless and, for some gurus of Silicon Valley, it is: at a conference given in October 2012, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, had not hesitated to declare: "if we we well, I think we can repair all the problems of the world.  "With respect to the entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, co-founder with Ray Kurzweil’s the Singularity University, he prophesied in 2012, in his book"Abundance"(not translated in french), a world where poverty, hunger and disease will be forever eradicated. This utopian vision is far from shared by all, including the United States. In June 2013, "Foreign Policy" magazine had brilliantly dismantled solutionnistes ideas in an article entitled "Can Silicon Valley Save the World?". The authors recognized the extraordinary progress of semiconductors and the Internet these past forty years, and their benefit to the poorest countries. But they explained that the social and geopolitical reality was incredibly more complex imagine California Giants: If Twitter and Facebook played a major role in the uprising of Arab countries two years ago, technology has for example been useless when it came to replace fallen leaders. . Root source can be found checking the following page.

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The American congressional elections will play in five key States: Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Arkansas and Alaska. One could expect that Barack Obama is rushing there to support Democrats. But the president is literally forbidden to stay: candidates are campaigning trying to forget his name, or even by criticizing its balance sheet. In Kentucky, the Democrat candidate, Alison Grimes, refused to say if she had voted for Barack Obama in 2012. She appeared Tuesday at the side of Hillary Clinton, far more popular. In Louisiana, Mary Landrieu, which calls into play his seat of Senator, gave the president a score of 6 out of 10 during a debate. She appeared Monday with an another Clinton – Bill Clinton. In North Carolina, Kay Hagan found nothing better than to start its meeting in lambasting the White House management in the crisis Ebola. Barack Obama, who knows that lacking only 6 seats for the Republicans to win the Senate, and thus the majority in both houses, yet hoped to become fully involved in the campaign. He thought put its economic record profit – with unemployment passed below the 6% – to help his camp. But with a popularity among the lowest of all the American presidents (40% according to the latest Gallup figures), Barack Obama is summoned to make low-profile. It has thus trod the soil of any of the States deemed strategic to win the Senate, November 4. He began a tour of campaign very late Sunday, and focuses on the only regions acquired to the Democrats. He thus visited earlier this week in Maryland and Illinois, two large ‘blue’ States that promise no suspense. Hundreds of pro-democracy activists have nevertheless left the room when he took the floor. The president avoids even the Colorado and Iowa, two States that it has yet won the last presidential elections, but who might well switch to the right for the elections of Governors. It is his wife, Michelle, who went there in its place. "This speaks volumes about the collapse of Barack Obama, who has lost his influence in Republican States, but also in the Democrats," says Cal Jillson, Professor of politics at Southern Methodist University. Why such a release? The resumption has beautiful be strong (4.6% in the last quarter), it remains for number of largely virtual Americans. Their wages have stagnated, or even decline if account is taken of inflation: thus, the median wage, which divides the population into two halves, remains 8% lower than the pre-crisis. . You should visit the following to discover more regarding this great subject.

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The actress and American television host Joan Rivers, hospitalized since last Thursday in New York, died, announced her family Thursday, September 4. Known for his television show Fashion police on E!, where are discussed and criticized the outfits for celebrities, she also played in Once Upon a Coffee House in 1965, the crazy history of space in 1987 or even Iron Man 3 in 2013, where it interpreted its own role in his television show. Jimi Jamison died Sunday, August 31 as a result of a heart attack, learned of the Los Angeles Times. 63 year-old Jimi Jamison has a solo career and sang in the Cobra group but it is especially Survivor that made him famous. Jimi Jamison joined the formation of Hard FM (from hard rock calibrated for radios) in 1983 while she was at its peak, including through its famous tube Eye of the tiger, commissioned by Sylvester Stallone in person and serves as a theme in the film Rocky III. One of the most emblematic Americans of the spaghetti western actors. Is particularly illustrated in the roles of Tuco in the good, the bad and the ugly Sergio Leone and the role of Calvera, the leader of the bandits in the magnificent seven by John Sturges. He died at the age of 98 after more than 60-year career on the big screen. Known in particular for his columns on Canal Plus and I-Tele, journalist Léon Mercadet is died Sunday, June 22, a dirty disease according to the expression of his former colleague, Bruce Toussaint. 64 year-old Yves Gloux (his real name) worked in current, Nova Magazine and more recently in the morning of Canal + between 2004 and 2013. Former Australian driver who died at the age of 88 years belonged to the F1 legend: three times the world champion, great Builder and great mechanic, he had not hesitated to push to hand his car to finish a Grand Prix in 1959 to win the title. It is the only one to have crowned at the wheel of a car designed by his care. He is also the first driver knighted for services to motor racing. 73-year-old MEP conservative and former Christian Democrat Premier of the Belgium succumbed to his injuries after a fall to bike in Morbihan, where he was staying. It is the European people’s Party (EPP) in which it was a member of Parliament who announced. Jean-Luc Dehaene was suffering from cancer of the pancreas, diagnostic at the beginning of the year and that it had significantly weakened. Born in Montpellier in 1940, licensed in law and Economics from the universities of Namur and Louvain, he led the Government of Belgium from 1992 to 1999. Michel Lang, author and Director of popular comedy of the late 1970s and the early 1980 that we small English, is died Thursday evening at Deauville (Calvados) at the age of 74, has announced his family Friday, April 25. To us the small English, released in 1976, was his greatest success with 5.7 million viewers. Tito Vilonava, former FC Barcelona coach, died Friday, April 25, announced the catalan club. 45 years old, he struggled for two years against cancer of the Parotid gland and was hospitalized for emergency Thursday evening. Deputy of Pep Guardiola since 2007 (first with the B team), Tito Vilanova succeeded him in the summer 2012 on the Barca bench. But he had to leave his post in July 2013 due to a deterioration in his State of health. As head coach, he has won a title of champion of Spain and was elected best coach in the Championship in 2013. The Colombian Nobel Prize in literature Gabriel García Márquez died Thursday, April 17 at his home in Mexico City. Aged 87, he was in a very fragile health at his home in Mexico City. Installed in Mexico since 1961, with periods of stay alternated in Cartagena (Colombia), Barcelona (Spain) and Havana, Garcia Marquez lived several years retired from public life and during his rare appearances had no statement to the press. The Colombian was considered to be one of the greatest writers in the history of the Spanish language literature. Iconic novelist of magical realism, he described the strangeness of real and historical situations using the wonderful. The work which earned him fame and is regarded as his masterpiece one hundred years of solitude, fantastic family fresco published in 1967 and whose international success was enormous (30 million copies in 35 languages). The writer and editor Régine Deforges died at the age of 78 at the Parisian hospital Cochin from the suites of a heart attack, announced his son Franck Spengler. Régine Deforges was a sulphurous Editor, often facing justice, before knowing the public success with the blue bicycle, adapted to television with Laetitia Casta. This saga of ten novels published by Fayard, begun in 1983 by 101, avenue Henri Martin and completed in 2007 by and when comes the end of the trip, has sold over ten million copies. Actress Shirley Temple, famous for being the first child of Hollywood star, has died at the age of 85, announced Tuesday the American media. His agent, quoted by ABC News and CNN television said she had died of causes natural Monday evening at his home in California, surrounded by his family. She starred in 40 films, most before the age of twelve, including blond curls (Curly Top) or little Princess (The Little princess). . Related text can be found visiting reference.

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Christophe de Margerie and his mustache: a hair natural and serious benefits.   no comments

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BEAUTY – It was called Big Moustache. Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total died in a plane crash on October 20, 2014. At the head of the largest company in the CAC 40, it sported proudly provided and Shaggy mustache for 40 years. Away from the dictates of fashion, this moustache, has become his hallmark, did nothing to the canons of the genre but offered serious benefits. He must not forget that the mustache is also a symbol of virility, especially among Turks and Muslims, finally forward Sarah Daniel-Hanizi. As Slate noted in July 2012, many Arab leaders bear moustache. Bashar Al-Assad to Nouri al-Maliki passing by the late Saddam Hussein, the mustache is a political target, and shaving the moustache of an opponent is not so rare that, then explained the author of the article. In France also, the mustache has long represented virility. There is that to read Guy de Maupassant to realizing it really, a man without a moustache is no longer a man. I don’t much like the beard; It gives almost always neglected air, but the mustache, the moustache is indispensable to a manly appearance. . Extended text can be inspected clicking fact.

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Favorite prisoner of Oscar Wilde.   no comments

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Then came ‘De profundis’ and after is muri Wilde, n young but devastated, and all we are left with the idea rom quantum of lCERs from Reading c. Dif easy is not to find photos of the presidio, with its three naves not very large brick and roofs, and its little garden n in bays, almost reminding the alg n whole College of Jesuits in provincial town. Makes two to you that there are no prisoners in Reading, building est vac or and, as is next to the Centre of the city, someone had the idea to install all a theatre. You see if they represent alg n ‘wilde’ alg n d to. Before, the week coming, debuts in the old jail c a n dedicated to both exposure to you that Oscar Wilde pas enclosed within its walls. Sample brings a nice secret revealed: the identity and the photographs of favorite prisoner of the writer. Henry Bushnell was called, it was London, med to a meter and 58-cent meters, and was condemned for committing minor thefts. Don’t know what a or I was born, but for portraits that come to light now, est clear that it was little m s to a teenager in 1895, the time in which Wilde entr in jail n with 42 to you. His criminal career hab to started a little earlier (or at least, in 1892 was Domingo behind bars) and was not very conducive: Bushnell apprehended him 21 times in 20 to you. So persistent was that prison officials have portrayed him (the police tabs of walking not sol an take pictures to) and now have your smiling face in the peri dicos. And what means that favourite inmate? It is not an understatement. Peter Stoneley, Professor at the University of Reading has given with Bushnell, is convinced that the relationship between the two prisoners have a sense rom romantic. ROM romantic, but not much m s: brit nico of the few prison system was based on the isolation of the prisoner. It was not f cil to find ocasi n to have nes sexual relationship. The Bushnell track comes from a letter that Wilde wrote in jail n his friend Harry Elvin. All, the writer is a small small or dark-eyed refiri. Was not the only compa ero c jail which is refiri Wilde, but if the only trust for which its attraction n. Of Arthur Cruttenden, an enclosed military by having gotten into l you when drunk, was also Wilde spoke in his letters; and also explained that sent to simpat to l, but not attract n. After leaving c prison, Wilde heat exchanger some letters with Burshnell and le envi alg n money. . Original data could be read clicking this reference.

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Collision with snow plough: head of oil group total dies in plane crash.   no comments

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Europe’s third-largest oil group total confirmed the death of its Director-General in an announcement early Tuesday. It said in a statement on the total Web site: the total Group confirms with great emotion and sadness that your CEO Christophe de Margerie this night shortly after 22 00 has come am (CEST) in an accident at the Moscow airport Vnukovo to life. The French newspaper Le Monde reported that the oil company had convened a crisis meeting at the company headquarters in La Défense business district on the outskirts of Paris in the still of the night. De Margerie had brought last more total in the business in Russia, including through a joint project in Siberia with the Russian company Lukoil. Also is total in gas production on the Yamal Peninsula, Russia. The aim was to profit more from the great Russian nature reserves. The Kremlin had to strengthen the control over the Russian energy industry in recent years. Total has been active in other regions such as Indonesia and Kazakhstan. Already in the night, French politicians in the short message service Twitter expressed their condolences and acknowledged the contribution made by de Margerie. The Manager had risen initially in 1995 as head of the business in the Middle East in the leadership of total. After the merger with the Belgian group Petrofina he took over the central area of development and production in 1999. Shortly before his move to the top, Margerie fell at times targeted by investigators, who suspected his involvement in illegal business with the Iraq and the Iran. But, the charges were dropped. . For more regarding this subject visit resource.

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Thuringia’s SPD members decide on red red-green.   no comments

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Also on Tuesday, the SPD Executive Committee on a base Conference in Weimar wants to explain his decision. We do an experiment. It is a project that still not gave, had Bausewein explains it at federal State level. The more substantive agreement with leftists and Greens, as well as the expectation of more stable of Government than at black-red were crucial for the Coalition’s recommendation. Ramelow is announced to show the practicality of red red-green as head of Government. We want to prove that we are suitable for everyday use in problem solving. He sees a sign of confidence and 25 years after the fall of the wall in the SPD vote an exciting signal. It might help in his opinion a bit far with the dismantling of the cold war in the minds of people in the West. In the SPD there controversial debates over the past few weeks, whether the party 25 years after the case should provide the wall as a junior partner for a Government with the left at the top. The left was far met their potential partners – also with the classification of the GDR as unjust State. . For more insights about this subject click

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