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An investigation conducted by the international research consortium of the genetic basis of schizophrenia (Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomic Consortium) has identified more than 100 genetic variations associated with the risk of developing schizophrenia. The information obtained through this study provides new clues for the understanding of the causes of this complex disease and which can give rise to the development of more effective treatments. In the article recently published in the journal Nature about this study, research group which participates in Psychiatry led by Benedicto Crespo-Facorro, Professor of Psychiatry of the University of Cantabria and the IDIVAL and the CIBER on Mental health, researcher describes the existence of 128 genetic variations independent in 108 locations in the human genome that contribute to the predisposition to suffer from schizophrenia.    In recent decades, it has been postulated that the cause of schizophrenia, chronic mental illness that affects 1% of the population throughout the life, is a combination of multiple genetic and environmental factors. It’s the more comprehensive study ever conducted in psychiatric illnesses and more than 45 cohorts of patients from around the world were analysed together. This kind of GWAS studies described that there is a statistically significant chance that genetic variation is associated with the disease, although it doesn’t mean that such variation is the cause. The Consortium has analysed by a study of genetic Association of variants of the entire genome (GWAS) in a total sample of more than 150. 000 individuals (37. 000 patients and 113. 000 healthy control subjects) the existence of these variations which, although common, occur more frequently in people who suffer from the disease. Of these 108 loci (positions in the genome with variation), 83 had not been implicated in schizophrenia before and 78% are located in regions that encode proteins. Many of are genome variations occur in genes involved in neurotransmission systems and channels of calcium (mode of communication between neurons), and immune function. There is still much to learn from the genetics of schizophrenia. The new findings open up new lines of research of the disease. The future requires work in the description of the sequences and specific genes that increase the risk of disease.   . Main source may be read checking this website.

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In Fed the debate on soaring interest rates.   no comments

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For some members of the Federal Reserve a change in monetary policy on interest rates "depends more macroeconomic data". In any case, the American Central Bank intends to provide details about how a possible tight money "well before when many participants [in the market] expect the first step in reducing the accommodative policy." It’s what we read in the minutes of the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, the monetary policy arm of the Federal Reserve, which took place on 29 and 30 July. On that occasion were left rates at an all-time low of 0-0 .25 percent and it was decided another ‘ tapering ‘ by 10 billion dollars. The monthly value of Treasury and mortgage bonds that the Fed buy every meseè dropped to 25 billion dollars, of which 15 billion of government bonds and 10 billion of so-called mortgage-backed securities. On that occasion the Fed had explained that the rates would remain firm lows (where they are since December 2008) "for a considerable period ‘ after the end of the third round of quantitative easing, expected in the autumn. . Related data can be inspected checking link.

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Hamas-Israel: who has sabotaged the truce?   no comments

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The dream of a lasting ceasefire in Gaza will have been short-lived. The fragile truce 12 days, extended Monday night by 24 hours, between Hamas and Israel has collapsed Tuesday evening. In question, the shooting Tuesday afternoon of several Palestinian rockets on Israeli territory. At 3 p.m., two projectiles from Gaza landed near the town of Beersheba (South of Israel), in non-populated areas. Two other rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Hamas deny be at the origin of the shots, suggesting a possible involvement of other Palestinian factions, Israel holds the Islamic movement that controls the Palestinian enclave for responsible. Relying on its inalienable right to defend itself, Israel is intensifying its raids on Gaza. Eight Palestinians, including four children, have died since Wednesday midnight. Among the victims were the wife and a daughter of Mohammed Deir, the military leader of Hamas. The ceasefire is dead and Israel is responsible, lance since Cairo Azzam al-Ahmad, the head of the Palestinian delegation, which includes leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah. A charge for the least surprising, the Palestinian camp being at the origin of the first rockets on the Jewish State that sparks the conflagration. On paper, the positions of the two parties seem irreconcilable. Pressed by the Gaza Street to obtain political compensation to the war that has devastated the Palestinian enclave and killed more than 2,000 people, Hamas demands a lifting of the economic blockade imposed by Israel, but also Egypt, which asphyxiates Gaza. Unthinkable in the eyes of the Israelis, who feel that the lifting of the embargo, yet illegal under international law, provide ample opportunity to Hamas and the other Palestinian to rearm armed factions. Massively supported by its people in its war against the Islamist movement, despite the death of 64 soldiers and 3 civilians, Israel seeks the complete demilitarization of the Gaza Strip. A scenario categorically rejected by Palestinian movements, who do not want to lose their only lever of pressure on Israel. As a first step, Gazans would get the blockade on the less sensitive points. Fishing off the coast of Gaza area would be expanded from 3 to 12 nautical miles, points of access to the enclave would be reopened to allow the passage of people and goods, buffers inside the territory would disappear, and Israel would help the humanitarian assistance and repairs. On the other hand, the more thorny topics such as the opening of a port and an airport in Gaza, the release of hundreds of Palestinians arrested before the war or the return of the bodies of two Israeli soldiers killed by Hamas would be discussed in a month, after the return of calm and stability. . Similar info can be found clicking website.

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Advances in the TecDAX index: Dax wrestles with 9300.   no comments

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In the evening the Fed log of the most recent meeting of the US Federal Reserve to publish on. New information, when a first rate boost could be carried out, it will not contain probably, wrote analyst Dirk Gojny by Essen National Bank in an assessment. For hints on the future course of the exit from loose monetary policy were however expected. From Thursday to hole in the mountains of the U.S. State of Wyoming held at Jackson traditional economic symposium, where in addition to the Fed Chief Janet Yellen and ECB President Mario Draghi also the Governors of the Bank of Japan, will talk the Bank of England and the Brazilian Central Bank. The shares of LPKF laser are best value in the technology index up 1.8 percent. The shares of the specialist for outdoor advertising Ströer, however, lose their gains from early trade after the submission of quarterly figures and drop with a fall of more than 3 percent at the end of the SDax. In the MDax, Fielmann two days before the announced stock split record 1.2 percent firmer at 97,82 euros. The optician chain wants to understand the action this Friday (August 22). The shareholders will receive an additional share for each Fielmann share in its custody account the company had communicated the day before. In late trading on the eve of the German share indices thanks to friendly U.S. stock exchanges were continued to rise. Thus it was followed by their recent recovery. The L-Dax was concluded at 9345,24 points. Already in the Xetra home business the leading index had increased to 0.96 percent to 9334,28 points. The L MDax reached 15 994,71 points. Had the index of medium-sized values 0.77 percent on 15 970,45 points won. The L TecDax trading bid farewell to 1227,69 points. In the electronic core business hours it went uphill for the selection index of technology stocks by 1.11 percent to 1224,22 points. . For extended data regarding this topic read

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RSA, taxes, purchasing power,. What you should remember the interview with Holland.   no comments

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Persevere, don’t give up. Questioned by Le Monde, the president of the Republic Francois Hollande refused to change the course of reforms: today, this is not because the situation is more difficult in France and Europe that we need to give it up.  On the contrary, we need to go faster and farther. He also called the Socialists to the unit. What you should remember the interview of the head of State. The first will aim to make it fairer and simpler the scale of the income tax for the first instalments, i.e. for small and average taxpayers. The president François Holland says need lift locks and reduce the effects of threshold in the representation of employees in companies.  My method, it’s bargaining. One hand, employers must understand that better representation of employees in SMEs is essential. On the other, everyone must admit the need to lift a number of locks and reduce the effects of threshold. Holland is also addressed to patrons: I expect the employers it to go until the end of the logic of the Pact, it uses fully the means of tax credit for competitiveness and employment to invest and hire and not to distribute dividends or make other claims.  Reminder necessary while Release Wednesday denounced the increase staggering of the remuneration of the shareholders. We face not a terrorist movement like Al-Qaida, but a terrorist quasi-State, the Islamic State. We can no longer stick to the traditional debate, intervention or non-intervention. We must consider a comprehensive strategy against this group that is structured, which provides funding and sophisticated weapons, and threatening countries like the Iraq, the Syria or the Lebanon.   We need firmness [towards Russia, Editor's note] and dialogue, ensures François Holland. Firmness, because Europe cannot accept the questioning of the territorial integrity of a country, because it cannot tolerate weapons supplies and blocking border crossings. The sanctions were necessary and others will if there is no change. But at the same time, it must be dialogue. I showed him by organizing the first meeting between Vladimir Poutine and Petro Poroshenko on June 6 in Normandy. For the head of State, who said support Egyptian mediation and consider Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority as the main interlocutor at the expense of Hamas, the goal must be a demilitarization and at the same time a lifting of the blockade. . Main facts may be found reading this

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It is presented as the new face of the blues, often compared to Jimi Hendrix, marked by the Jackson Five and Eric Clapton. No need nor that Barack Obama invited to play before his eyes at the White House.  The texan, while guitarist just MILF prepares to electrify new Parisian fans. With his clear voice, sometimes high perched, and his onstage presence, Annie Clark (St. Vincent) will make you enter into religion pop and dark. The singer comes to conquer and seduce the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago. It will be also present at the French edition in October, then to Nimes and Rouen in November. The former singer and guitarist of the band Sonic Youth will also be the party at Rock en Seine. And no doubt with him on stage, the former classmate of road, drummer Steve Shelley and Debbie Googe, bassist of My Bloody Valentine. A collaboration on the occasion of the new solo album from American, The Best day. Preview titles are to be expected this weekend,. In 40 years of career, the band has sold more than 40 million albums. The last date, Ghosts of download, provides with their tubes beautiful evenings of summer festivals. And it is still a slap. The longevity of the Group also reminds fans passing time. But we want more! Similar text can be inspected reading url.

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Germany: a police officer is tried for having killed and dismembered a man.   no comments

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A German policeman appears from Friday in Dresden (East) for having killed and dismembered a man met on a site dedicated to cannibalism, and will advocate assisted suicide of his victim. In this murky affair which had made headlines around the world, Detlef Günzel, age 56, is liable to life imprisonment for murder and disturbing the peace of the dead, or fifteen years in prison in practice. The fact that the victim apparently consented not entered into account to determine the charges against the accused, said the spokesman for the Prosecutor, Lorenz Haase. Detlef Günzel and the deceased, Wojciech Stempniewicz, met in October 2013 on a website dedicated to cannibalism, which claims 3,000 members and claims to be number one for exotic meat. Stempniewicz, a consultant of 56 years of Polish origin residing in Hanover (North), and Günzel, police officer for 30 years, had initially exchanged many emails, text messages and phone calls. And then they were found at the main station of Dresden, November 4. Günzel had led his guest in his house in Hartmannsdorf-Reichenau, where he held the bed and breakfast with his companion. Subsequently, subject to differences between the prosecution and the defence, appears in a fifty minute film described as a pure horror by an investigator. The video will be shown at the hearing. Günzel had confessed to investigators have taken Stempniewicz in his cellar and stabbed her in the throat to kill him. But he has since recanted, according to his lawyer, Endrik Wilhelm. According to Mr. Wilhelm, recording proves that the victim, suspended by the throat to a pulley, never lost contact with the ground and could put an end to the strangulation at any time. . For additional facts on this matter read

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Nils Karim: songs as a friend and helper.   no comments

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When Nils Karim died, he left us. Left alone. He left us in the whole human misery that he spread so laconically understood in his songs. You could have very bad that him, but at least he didn’t take with all the songs that he has recorded with the Hamburg-based band Fink and as a soloist, where he is now. You donate the remaining consolation and show that everything is not so bad. That if necessary helps a shrug. Nils Karim, who died on October 10, 2012, at the age of 46 years in his hometown of Hamburg, was perhaps not the best German songwriter. Definitely not the most successful. But, we can say that now the verkannteste. How to prove that a gaggle of colleagues has recorded now newly his old songs. 27 German bands and musicians to interpret on A tribute to Nils Karim + Fink 28 pieces of the deceased. Only Gisbert zu Knyphausen, who was together with Karim as-kid family hype on the best ways to end the notorious lack of commercial success in his colleagues, may ran twice. He makes good his cause, though not particularly surprising. Knyphausen meets precisely not the lapidary, Hanseatic tone which distinguished the singer Karim in dust & gold, transit, do it justice but. Others are trying to get a different mood to the old songs. It works excellent times, even less well: Caruso, sung by Marcus Wiebusch of Kettcar, to the disturbing drama. Hole in the world sounds, played by Olli Schulz, especially after Olli Schulz. Knife fighting is broken down into its individual parts by Knarf Rellöm, perhaps by Bernadette La Stallion turns into a fluffy hit of the summer. But all the secret hit wherever you go receives under the hands of Kayak a strangely Ethereal Fluffigkeit with cheap boom-puff beat. "A tribute to Nils Karim + Fink" appear as well as the "retrospective" on August 22 at Trocadero/Indigo. Two tribute concerts held in Hamburg on September 2 and 3. . Related data can be inspected clicking

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Bárðarbunga, the other Icelandic volcano that threatens air traffic.   no comments

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For the moment, there is no sign of eruption, but we cannot exclude that the current activity could lead to an explosive subglacial eruption, leading to a flood and an emission of ash, IMO explained in a statement. The European Organisation for the safety of air navigation (Eurocontrol) has shown following the situation. Already an account Twitter dedicated the last eruption of the Bárðarbunga dates back to 1910, but the volcano is located under Vatnajökull, the largest icecap of the country, where a violent seismic activity is seen these days – the region had not known such earthquake 18 years. This is also the last Icelandic volcano to be entered erupted Grímsvötn, made about him in May 2011. Bárðarbunga, second highest volcano in the country, will also offer a new notoriety. A Twitter account has already been dedicated to him, and a webcam which images are broadcasted on a site the film live. . For extra information about this topic read

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Another night of rioting in Ferguson, Barack Obama called for calm.   no comments

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On the ground, the night of Monday to Tuesday was again marked by clashes between police and demonstrators. Officers, in riot equipment, supervised by an armoured vehicle of the SWAT, riot police and a helicopter, ordered several times to a smaller crowd than the previous day to disperse. Shortly after 11 pm, the police have made use of tear gas. This confrontation took place near the residential street where young Michael Brown was shot by a police officer. Earlier in the evening, an agency Getty Images photographer was briefly detained by the police. The Department said early evening the autopsy federal, "entrusted to one of the most experienced forensic experts of the U.S. Army", was underway. According to the law clerk’s renowned mandated by the family, the victim was hit with six bullets, at the top of the skull above the right eyebrow and four places to the right arm between the armpit and hand. This is the bullet that hit at the top of skull, «so that he looked forward", which was fatal. He noted no residue of powder on the body of the victim to 18 years and "no trace" of struggle, some abrasions on the body being attributed to the fall on the road. The mother of the young man, Leslie McSpadden, said on ABC that only the ‘justice’ would bring calm. The death of Michael Brown has taken on a national dimension and revived the spectre of racism in the United States. . For extra information about this topic visit blog.

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