Chief of the Cartel Office – before this nice gentleman’s shaking the economy.   no comments

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But by his friendly appearance you must make no mistake: Mundt is in his job with the greats of German industry creates – a task for which you need "a sturdy stomach" said the Cartel Office Chief. BamS: The food retail trade is in the hands of some fewer corporations. Now, Edeka wants to take over even the Tengelmann group. What does the Cartel Office? BamS: And so increase the gas prices just in time for the start of the holiday, and holidays. So have accomplished nothing against this community rip off motorists. Mundt: Yet. A first step is done. Today, there is the market transparency Office. As every consumer knows how high prices at the pumps are in its surroundings and can specifically control the respectively cheapest gas station in his environment. I can tell you it is worth to use this instrument. Thus, you can save a lot of money. Mundt: The Cartel Office comes from the 1950s, has not stopped there but. We have developed advanced to the markets, that we are able to capture the tasks on the Internet. We have successfully Yes also proceedings against large Internet companies. Think only of the best-price clause from Amazon. Mundt: Amazon limited not only competition, but it is sometimes also possible. We have made such proceedings against ASICs and adidas, which wanted to prohibit its dealers to sell their wares online platforms such as Amazon and eBay. We have want to strengthen our intervention rather than Amazon or eBay, but the retailer, whose managing maybe not so good in the pedestrian zone. If he wants to act as a second source of income online, it must be found also by consumers. Since the major platforms and price search will help him then. Otherwise there is the risk that only the big dealers and manufacturers with their shops are present on the Internet. . Related information can be read visiting

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CSU’s successor: Seehofer whip.   no comments

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Horst Seehofer is a docile student of history – at least in recent history of the CSU. What doomed his first predecessor Edmund Stoiber is deeply rooted in his memory. Stoiber trusted that its two Crown Prince kept each other in check. The output is known: Günther Beckstein and Erwin Huber Stoiber’s Office of Minister President and CSU Chairman divided among themselves. Stoiber had a hell fall working as senior expert at the European Commission – in the eyes of the CSU. Seehofer has learned his lessons. The number of young predators must be greater than the potential prey items – and they must be kept on equidistant to the trainer. Seehofer in its arena can rely on his reflexes; who only have to think, has lost there. Markus Söder now called a "stimulus check" for Berlin Coalition projects, was immediately followed by the whip. Seehofer included after the meeting of the CSU Executive in inimitable sets, how it behaves with Söder in the party: "at the start of the session was not there. Then he was there. And then he wasn’t there again. "More it took not to reprimand the Minister of finance. As always with Seehofer had the three "not da, da da, not" multiple meanings. All of his potential successors are faring so: they’re there and not there. And if they even think, quite there – with Berlin interference, which are the privilege of the President – that they’re gone quickly. Ilse Aigner can sing a song of them. Fate, so Seehofer, had rejected on Thursday the Minister of Economic Affairs, to hold a parliamentary statement on the energy revolution, which is exhausted it, in the next few months a "result-open" will dialogue with the citizens. Seehofer, the personalized results openness could be satisfied; more than noting that at the end of the dialog a concept might be, which will be "perhaps not entirely ecological, but also not entirely inexpensive", Aigner not turning up. Quite the Minister could not hide what it’s like to Potter, who know 2011 let under the aegis of Seehofer: "Energy transformation is the will of the people." Seehofer, what is not the will of the people – wind turbines at our own doorstep, then discovered pumped storage plants in the mountains, distribution through the Woods. "In fact" the accelerated phaseout of nuclear energy had been decided "together" Aigner said on Thursday, as it could itself is not quite believe it. Energy transition is something more than to develop renewable energies and to connect, she added more lines; the sufferer undertone was not over. Söder Meanwhile smooth switches between the roles of the Bavarian Minister of State and of the Franconian humorist, immediately tweeted that Aigner gave a "strong Government"statement. Söders recent foray was allowed to be booked in the satirical genre, the new toll Agency needed for Eastern Bavaria: "Federal officials better with us than in Flensburg". Alexander Dobrindt is raised personally by Seehofer by Pomeranian duration praise in the circle of possible successor. The small but fine millstone from the jewelry workshop Söder – as if it were to bring a federal agency after Bayern – CSU at the auto toll priority, will not facilitate the work to ask Austrians, Swiss and Dutch with the German toll offices, the Federal Minister of transport. A man moves into view if the small and large CSU strategists with the count no longer meet and don’t know whether they just experience the emails in a file or the 352nd Seehofer to change course: Joachim Herrmann. The Interior Minister is simply to stay in the picture of boosts. He is the incarnate continuity in the frisson Seehofer CSU; at least in the internal security draw some hope that the CSU is still the party in which they have occurred once. Herrmann is the longing figure of who draws it back into the CSU Biedermeier – Seehofer will appreciate it, that this power-sharing barely should fit with a Söder, who eagerly posting Selfies. Söder, Aigner, Dobrindt, Herrmann – medium-sized talents under the Machiavellisten with this Tableau seemed sure. Christine Haderthauer no longer includes since the modelling affair. But Seehofer will certainly go. Recently, he finds great Manfred Weber, the Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament. And he has appointed his State Chancellery Minister Marcel Huber as the central player in the refugee crisis; the map itself competent Minister Emilia Müller has been degraded to the Assistant. . You can click this to learn extra on this amazing topic.

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Life-threatening virus: first Ebola patient in Mali is dead.   no comments

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Dakar – a zweijähiges girl died of Ebola in Mali. It reported a nurse in the city of Kayes, where the child was treated. She was the first patient in the West African country, where the lethal virus was found. The outbreak of the disease was first confirmed on Thursday. The case, meanwhile, alerted the World Health Authority: the Ebola virus could be now in the country spread. WHO declared on Friday that the small patient had took a bus across the country, while it had shown symptoms of the disease: the two-year girl to have bled from the nose. While there have been various ways to contact with other people, could have been infected. 43 people who had been into contact with the child, would be observed. Almost 4900 people in West Africa – mainly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea – have died so far according to official data, disease, for which there is so far no vaccine and no medicines. The number of unreported cases should be much higher according to estimates by experts. On Friday, the United States also reported a new Ebola case: for the first time, the city of New York was affected. A doctor who worked for doctors without borders in Guinea, showed symptoms of the disease after his return. . For extra on this matter check

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French Ligue 1: SC Bastia complaint after the incidents in Nice.   no comments

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SC Bastia announced Friday have filed a complaint against X for assault and assault, following the incidents at the match Nice-Bastia Saturday in League 1 Six days after? flooding of the land and the blows received in l? outcome of the derby by several members of the delegation of the Sporting (,.), our club can only deplore the fact that the main author of these criminal acts Рyet perfectly identifiable on images broadcast the evening of meeting and on several photos of press Рis apparently still not l? nice judicial authorities prosecuted indicates the club in a statement. The Bastia club also appeals to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Nice which it asks to be informed of the criminal suite that was given to these facts in order to allow, if necessary, to build civil interests of SC Bastia. Following the incidents, the Nice Stadium, the Allianz Riviera, submitted Thursday a partial closed as a precaution by the Disciplinary Committee of the professional football league and the folder has been updated the statement until 13 November. Nice club boss, Jean-Pierre Riv̬re, has for its part announced have lodged a complaint against the people who invaded the field at the end of the match Nice-Bastia. . Root facts can be studied checking this website.

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David Cameron: The way it goes in Europe.   no comments

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And so is the financial compensation become one the issue number and brought the UK Independence Party (UKIP) inlet.   Cheers Ukips party leader Nigel Farage. Of course not openly, but in well-tended I’s have always said attitude. Of course, Cameron will pay, he proclaimed in played statesmanlike wisdom: these are the rules, contributions are calculated according to a highly complex formula and compare our business volume with the other Member countries. Cameron can’t change it.   That’s right. There needs no longer add to Farage, what everyone should think: we are at the mercy of the Brussels bureaucrats. We have lost our independence. Our only alternative is to leave the EU. More and more Britons think so. The UKIP Middle edge of the conservative party, it rumbles as John majors times. Cameron, it sounds from there, should prefer his referendum on remaining in the Union, promised for 2017, without having to wait for negotiations on reforms. . For additional facts on this matter check

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World Cup and Maria in the micro – image makes you fit for the ski season.   no comments

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The alpine ski circuit starts in Sölden in the new season! For the first time in this winter as a TV expert here: Maria Höfl Riesch. US-girl Julia Mancuso will provide the eye-catcher on the slopes in Sölden, there are each 35 000 Swiss francs for the winner of men’s and ladies. Place two brings 23 000 francs, third place 15 00. The tenth gets 1000 francs. The premiums are paid in Swiss francs. Record bonus this season, Kitzbühel pays for the classic on the Hahnenkamm: 90 000 francs! Some 74 600 euros for the winner are equivalent. In Sölden, Felix is missing because of his back problems. He can be treated at home and goes into November in Levi (Finland) in the World Cup. All too much worried coach Mathias Berthold to the World Championship slalom runner-up but not: "Felix manages to come also with a few training sessions in top form. I think in November, he is as far as he can drive with front. He is a very fast back at a top level. "Lindsey Vonn (30) wants to show again it all after their two cruciate ligament tears. Currently the girlfriend of golf star preparing Tiger Woods in America on their racing comeback. In early December she want to go again in Canadian Lake Louise WINS (previously 59). She says: "many people don’t think that I’m coming back, and the others have probably felt without me well right. But when I get back, they can no longer sit back. "Bode Miller (37) is Mrs Morgan and son Samuel in Sölden."Without my family I would no longer give all me", he says. The super star from the United States openly talks about the end of his career. "It could be my last season." Then, will he take care of his horses and wants to become a horse trainer. "I will fall into no punching, if I stop", he says. Before the slopes cowboy will strike again. "I am ready to win race", he says. However he is plagued with back problems, is often used to treat in Munich. . Additional text can be inspected visiting

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Massimo Bottura, never trust a skinny italian chef.   no comments

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before you get to work, I don’t even know why. Maybe I didn’t feel sure I have something important to say. Why not interested me rattle off recipes. I wanted my was a different book, so much so that the original title was to be No recipes. But when Phaidon has started to propose, he placed clear that without recipes anyone would buy. So we have given them a precise meaning, moving them to the end of the book, tablets in a tiny font. Rackley was to make me break the delay by phone: just do it! I had in mind a book on creativity, in the sense of the passion that brings deep, all that is behind the dishes and their conception, but to achieve the goal I feel ripe. For this, among other things, the leather cover. It leads immediately to the kitchen and places out of time. In the sense that everything is beautiful is contemporary, as Eliot. Creativity is the same of the Renaissance. My wife Lara all this played a fundamental role: to keep myself constantly under pressure from 8 in the morning to let me speak, tell my life. From the beginning, when I was doing zero covered and I sold everything to pull forward (if you remember well Grignaffini, who came with his friends of cigar magazine), the postmodern Oversteek on noodle after which all have passed. I always tried to escape, but Lara was there to braccarmi with the recorder. I followed word for Word, no one else could do the same. It went on for 2 years with me that I spoke a bit in Italian a bit in English. While the photographs bear two signatures: Stefano Graziani, who portrayed the kitchen chaos, and Carlo Benvenuto, who captured the ephemeral of poetry, when they arrive at the table and are about to disappear. Is the transavanguardia who taught me Mazzoli: a typically Italian art, because it makes no sense that expressions aping belong as land art. Achille Bonito Oliva wrote of genius loci, and also goes in the kitchen: why make a bonito dashi and not Parmesan, truffle or white? Returning to land contamination. . You can visit the following to learn more on this great topic.

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State-Mafia, the Office will interrogate the Riina’s President Napolitano.   no comments

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The new evidence, made by Riina’s legal, lawyer Luca Cianferoni, follows the filing of confidential documents of the Sismi, made by the pm, on an alarm of the 1993 bombings, aimed at the same Napolitano and then-Senate President, Giovanni Spadolini. The documents were acquired, Friday, by the Court to file the case. For the legal entry into the process of the service relationship would make inevitable place Napolitano questions about what happened between ‘ 93 and ‘ 94, when there was the terrorist alert. According to the Court ‘ new evidence is neither manifestly superfluous or irrelevant. And, referring to the years when Napolitano was not head of State, does not fall within the judgment of the Constitutional Court, resolving the conflict of jurisdiction between the Hill and the Prosecutor’s Office in Palermo, he recognized a series of rights to the head of State. The judges, however, have pointed out, even if the request of the lawyer of Riina, who, because of the constitutional prerogatives of the President of the Republic, his deposition "cannot be separated from the availability of head of State, of which the Court will take notice." . Extended data can be inspected clicking

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Elena Baskets, investigated her husband for murder.   no comments

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Under investigation for murder and concealment of corpse Michele Buoninconti, the husband of Helen baskets, the 37-year-old housewife, married and the mother of four children, who died on 24 January from his home in Costiglione d’Asti. The Police today (Friday, 24 October) went at his home, where the woman had disappeared nine months ago, to notify the guarantee notice explaining that tomorrow will be done the autopsy on the body of his wife, found dead last Saturday not far from home. In detail, the exam will take place in Alba (Cuneo) by Francesco Romanazzi, Director of legal medicine, which received the assignment from the Prosecutor’s Office in Asti. Buoninconti had issued several statements in recent months to TV programs, including a Chi l’ha visto?, in which he claimed to be desperate for the disappearance of the woman and, in recent days, had said he hoped that the body found was not that of his wife. Yesterday instead came confirmation that the human remains found in the Asti area are those of Helen: the woman’s Dna analysis have blown away all doubt. Now, the job of pm Laura Deodato and the military command of the province of Asti, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Fabio Federici, must reconstruct the cause of death; and understand how that body in an advanced state of decomposition is finished in a drain, between the river Tanaro and the old railway that leads to Dawn, less than two miles from the House where the Baskets has left its last traces before being swallowed by anything. . Related text can be read clicking website.

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Home, if taxes weigh more than the annuity.   no comments

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Taxes weigh much more than income, to be precise the exceed by more than 35 percent. Of course, the annuity is only in theory the profitability of an immovable. The reality is different and we know how the annuity is not a notional income owner gets from his estate. Our system of taxation, indeed, uses as taxable land value of buildings or terrain that is obtained by multiplying the annuity for certain coefficients which vary depending on the type of the property. In principle, however, the surprise remains. Why, for example, make it a financial investment were taxed not on the yield obtained (income) but on the value of capital assets. Now that we are not taxing on the brick reached exorbitant levels (suffice it to say that before 2012, the revenue total non-brick Estate came to 37-38 billion). Is that every day becomes more obvious how urgent a rethinking of the entire system. We have, first of all, an issue of local taxation of real estate. There’s the chaos of Iuc (Imu + Tasi) to solve, with the commitment of the Government to move towards a truly unique sets, allowing the coexistence of Imu and Tasi, which is easier to compute, and hopefully, that, while respecting the autonomy of the mayors, can avoid the excesses that we have in recent months witnessed at first hand. There is, then, an aspect that politics struggle to grasp the structure of taxation on the brick. In systems where taxation is capital style and possession of the property undergoes a significant withdrawal, indirect taxation on transfers is usually contained. In Italy, it is not so heavy and tax claims (local) on the possession of a property you add those equally heavy (the State) on sales. The background remains the reform of the land register. The goal is to eliminate inequities of the current system (there are similar properties with land values are very different or identical cadastral values for different properties). The review of income returns much higher tax bases than today, as many are clearly simulations emerge. If such things are, there is then one wonders what will happen to tax revenue on the brick. Grow with the same dynamic of income? Tax delegation, establishing land reform policy, is the principle of «revenue» invariance. Then, new fairer income without increasing taxes. But still: is it true? And will the mechanism that relies on the Government and Parliament to be vigilant to prevent price increases? Some risk, in short, is just around the corner. But beware: 50 billions of taxes are already a blunder. Let’s not pave the way to a new dangerous records. . Root source could be found visiting the following fact.

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