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OJ-Wilfried Tsonga was beaten Monday by Andy Murray in last 16 at the US Open. The French, 10th World Player, was eliminated 7-5, 7-5, 6-4 by Scots, n ° 9-winner of the tournament in 2012. In the next round, the British being coached by Amélie Mauresmo will face Novak Djokovic n ° 1 worldwide has released the German Philipp Kohlschreiber 6-1, 7-5, 6-4. It’s a real disappointment for Tsonga. Toronto (Canada), the n ° 1 french had managed to take the edge off Murray and ended up winning the tournament. Back in the top 10, ‘Jo’ was presented as a contender to the title in New York. 29 Manceau has twice, in the second and third set, made the service of his opponent, but failed to achieve this advantage. As in Melbourne, Roland Garros and Wimbledon,. He even had more balls to lead 3-0 in the third round, but failed to come off because of a yet another direct. As in Melbourne, Roland Garros and Wimbledon, Tsonga was unable to go beyond the stage of final 8th. On the courts of Flushing Meadows, there are no more than two French in contention: Gaël Monfils and Gilles Simon. They will play Tuesday, respectively facing Grigor Dimitrov and Marin Cilic. . You must read the following website to learn more about this amazing matter.

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Ebola, the Saudi Arabia suspends visas to those coming from countries affected by the virus.   no comments

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False alarm, on the other hand, in Sweden, where tests have revealed that Ebola is not affected by the citizen admitted yesterday in Stockholm with suspicious symptoms. The patient under control in Sweden, a man, had been rushed back from Africa, presenting some characteristic symptoms of the disease. The tests so far carried out, have announced today the Swedish health authority, do not show any evidence indicating that humans can be infected by Ebola. For fear of the spread of the epidemic, meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has suspended the granting of visas for work purposes to nationals of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, countries affected by Ebola. The Saudi Ministry of labour has specified to have suspended recruitment of citizens from the three West African States where widespread hemorrhagic fever, excluding for Nigeria, a country where all registered cases came from abroad. In the worst-affected African countries remains strong for the need for more aid, even compared to the availability of on-site medical team. Need which is trying to meet the World Health Organization, which sent a team of 14 doctors and Ugandan health workers, with a wide experience in handling Ebola epidemics, in Liberia, to the JFK Hospital in Monrovia, to provide medical support. How do you explain the who from his site, the Ugandan team has dealt with many cases of this disease since 2000, and now is trying to help fellow Liberians to maintain the infection control measures. The situation is closely monitored even in Europe, where various international meetings scheduled in the near future to make the point with respect to the epidemic: the 15 September will be held the who regional meeting and the September 22, in Milan, the informal meeting of European health ministers with the objective to coordinate interventions in favour of the countries of West Africa. The virus-which at the moment there is no treatment, although short will Use human tests of an experimental vaccine developed by pharmaceutical company Glaxo-Smithkline-has done to date 1. 552 dead on 3. 069: 694 confirmed cases in Liberia, Guinea, 422 430 in Sierra Leone and 6 in Nigeria, according to the last budget of the World Health Organization last August 26. A first case was also confirmed in Senegal last week. Maximum warning remains in Africa, and not only to the spread of the Ebola epidemic, so much so that today the Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of the granting of work visas to citizens from countries hit by the virus. . You must visit the following to learn extra regarding this amazing topic.

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Decision of the State television in Pakistan worsens the political crisis.   no comments

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Imran Khan denied the participation of the members of his party, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (which means movement for Justice), in the decision of the State television. The Muslim cleric also asked his followers to retreat. However, they say that protests will not stop. "I will not leave. I am not going to accept this monarchy. I want a real democracy,"said Imran Khan. After a meeting with the opposition parties, Sharif, who was deposed by the army in a coup in 1999, said that he will not resign and that he will not let that "the mandate of the people is kidnapped by intimidation". Although some experts they say this crisis being billed invoice and, if you manage to continue in power, will it weakened. The Prime Minister has accepted his Government investigation into electoral fraud, although this did not stop the protests. In Parliament he discuss the possible exits to this political crisis this week. . Main data may be read clicking this

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Terrorism, hard-line in London: “withdrawn Passports to suspected jihadists”.   no comments

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UK Government’s hard line against the jihadists who leave the country to fight alongside Islamic terrorists. To announce the new measures was the British Prime Minister, David Cameron in the House of Commons. "We will introduce specific legislation and targeted that will give the police the power to seize a passport at the border, for a period of time in which they can investigate the suspected," said Cameron, announcing not only the preventive withdrawal of passports of persons suspected of wanting to join the jihad in Syria and Iraq, but also more air traffic controls and tailing of the suspects throughout the country. The new measures also involve, in fact, the airlines will be forced to abide by the Government no-fly list, and new control procedures. "The Passport is not an automatic right" said the British Prime Minister, specifying that you will do everything to prevent British jihadis who are already in the Middle East back to their homeland. According to Cameron is "horrible that Britons have declared their allegiance to the Islamic State" and then "we need a strict approach, smart, patient and overall to defeat the terrorist threat at its roots".  The new measures come after British authorities raised the terrorist alert level from "substantial" to "severe", and then increases the alert for the possibility of attacks by militants trained by British Sunni jihadis Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The Premier English finally it hoped that "the threat of Isis to be included in the agenda of the Nato summit" highlighting how Isis represents a direct threat to the European Union. . For extended facts on this matter click reference.

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National football team – who will be Captain?: three players have a good chance on the lame follow-up.   no comments

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Real Madrid never arrived due to an ankle damage to the meeting place of the DFB team to Düsseldorf, but remained for the time being in London. For the sporty important European Championship qualifier against Scotland team manager Oliver Bierhoff liked but Not yet completely write off the 25 year-old Ozil: it is worked, that Mesut can play on Sunday. Before the public workout in front of 45 000 fans on Monday evening in the Düsseldorf arena the worries of a national coach caught up with this again Joachim Löw. Because Mats Hummels, Jérome Boateng and Sami Khedira In addition are hinged and questionable for the first matches after the World Cup. Five more world champions Brazil are definitely missing: Philipp Lahm, Miroslav Klose and per Mertesacker have finished their international careers, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Samar Malcolm are not fit. Löw will take no risks against Argentina. For the second game in Dortmund against the Scots at the beginning of the qualifying for the European Championship is more important 2016 in France. It will not be easy, said goalkeeper Manuel Neuer on Monday to restart: we must immediately come in drive. It is important to start with three points against Scotland in the qualifiers. Löw, who gives his first press conference since the World Cup triumph in Brazil on Tuesday, will compete in this international week even without a new assistant coach. The longtime Assistant Hansi Flick took officially his new Office on Monday as DFB sporting Director. . You must read the following blog to discover extra on this interesting subject.

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Sony boosts its lines of games for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita to the Japan.   no comments

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The Japanese giant Sony Electronics announced Monday a series of 44 new games in Japanese for its home consoles PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PS Vita, with unpublished images as a preview to two weeks of the show Tokyo Game Show 2014. These announcements were made by the new boss of the Japanese branch of Sony Computer Entertainment, Atsushi Morita, that is other than the nephew of the late Akio Morita, one of the founders and ex-legendary leader of Sony. For the PS4, which had an excellent start in the United States and Europe, Sony will offer a software update (2 0) and a wide range of titles from major studios for the Japanese public. The House is so very proud to announce a game Dragon Quest Heroes from Square Enix for PS4, a novelty supposed to delight aficionados of this bestselling series. American Ubisoft revisits the French Revolution in Assassin’s Creed Unity, and with PT, Japanese Konami claims to offer the most frightening game world that some might give up along the way. In the murky registry, Capcom defends well also with a new episode of Biohazard Revelations (2). Violence is also Sega program, with a game of mafia in the midst of financial bubble in the hot areas of Tokyo and Osaka. Bandai Namco, he gives a new playful dimension to DragonBall and One Piece manga-cults, and continues to operate the manna which are Gundam robots galore. Sony will also enjoy the show TGS 2014 to give players the opportunity to immerse themselves as never in the game in three dimensions with his helmet of immersion project Morpheus for PS4. With this screen closer to the eyes, it really has the impresion to live alongside the virtual characters which move around, ensures the digital universe creator Katsuhiro Harada, known for his work on the Tekken fighting game. The PS4 has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide in less than nine months, a unique feat which shows that the video game has yet spring. Available in the United States last November and in Europe the following month, the PS4 is sold to Japan since 22 February last and is currently proposed in about a hundred countries and regions of the world. All news announced Monday, as well as an enlarged for the portable console PSVita, game line will be visible at the Tokyo Game Show 2014 (TGS 2014) show which will be held from 18 to 21 September at the Makuhari Messe exhibition centre, a stone’s throw from the capital. . Root facts could be found checking the following

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Old subways in Munich: ripe for scrap press.   no comments

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They are the Veterans under the Munich subways: the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) still in the stock has 194 car type A from the 1960s and 1970s. But the days of the old cars are numbered: should the technology problems resolved At last and the approval procedure for the new trains of type C2 be completed at some point, the A cars be gradually withdrawn from circulation. And end up in the scrap press. So as before their conspecifics in Nuremberg fared. Similarly it will be in Munich: as soon as the first of a total of 21 new C2 trains ordered by MVG Chief Herbert König at Siemens, in the operation, old A car should be phased out gradually. Usable spare parts be removed and stored, explains Michael Solic by the MVG. What remains then is written according to the current state for scrapping. The MVG not thinking about a sale, however. Because unlike when trams there is virtually no market for used subways also VAG wife Dürrbeck says. Because the vehicles are adapted to each network: the external dimensions, the location of the busbars and pickup, which rises to height of the platforms and the doors – made-to-measure were all virtually for the networks in Munich or in the Nuremberg underground. In addition, worldwide more cities with trams there as with subways – the market is so just bigger. And trams better could be adapted to the respective networks. Shall be on the road until today A few old Munich trams in Romania. Keep MVG Chief King doesn’t want the old wagons. Although passenger associations and transport politicians always reclaim this in the Town Hall. Their argument: The MVG could keep the old car as a reserve – and if again vehicle bottlenecks. That was the case recently in the summer of 2013, after cracks on the bogies were surfaced on some cars. At times the MVG had to move all trains out of service one-fifth; also, longer than intended, repair lasted because of the special companies thus commissioned the capacities were limited. As a result occurred again in the subway operation, because trains were missing. . You can check this reference to learn more on this interesting topic.

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Berlin: was the Dragons to call Merkel, content information is not true.   no comments

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BERLIN-he was the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, to call Merkel: he said the Chancellor’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, now in Berlin, confirming the call of which Der Spiegel have reported over the weekend. The information circulated about the contents of the interview, Seibert said he didn’t have nothing to do with the truth. The news emerged Sunday, sera has reignited the tones of the comparison on the rigour and austerity budget, in relation to the constraints imposed by Six Pact, a part of the Community rules on public accounts. In particular, the rumors had filtered a ‘ nuisance ‘ to German support for the minor penalty contained in the speech that the Governor Draghi held last week in Jackson Hole, summit of central bankers. On that occasion, the number one of the Eurotower invited to use tax policies and spaces of flexibility contained in European standards to support the structural reforms needed to fuel the recovery. In addition, opened a new support from the ECB in contrast to rampant deflation in Europe. Former German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, has held back on the interpretation of the Dragons From the ECB’s headquarters in Frankfurt, telephoning rebuilt by Der Spiegel was specified with a: it is incorrect that Mrs. Merkel has called the President the Dragons to challenge the sentences he gave to Jackson Hole, although on the Eurotower was entrenched behind a comment and not not disclose. The week of dragons is still full of appointments. Today the President of the European Central Bank will travel to Paris to meet the French President, François Hollande, and discuss the economic situation in the euro zone. Hollande, together with the Chairman of the Board, Matteo Renzi, has long been a supporter of a flexible fiscal policy to revive stagnant economies at 2. The spectrum will be deflation on the table, as it will end in the middle of the thoughts of the board of the Ecb scheduled for Thursday. At that time, analysts say, it is unlikely that we will see new exceptional operations, but in the subsequent press conference, many will weigh carefully the words of dragons. . Similar text can be found reading

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Fiumicino, killed at whacks during one lite: a shutdown.   no comments

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A Romanian of 41 years was arrested by the police for the murder of a compatriot, found dead on the evening of August 28 in an abandoned farmhouse of Leonardo Park in Fiumicino, near Rome. The man, a convict, was stopped after three days of military investigations of Ostia. As rebuilt, during a quarrel caused by alcohol and a few words too in a cantonment was abandoned where they had gathered several countrymen, the aggressor has beaten and taken to beating the victim for about an hour to kill him. Instead of calling the present relief would continue to drink. Only few hours later one of them gave the alarm to the police in your area. The arrival of the military in the country had already slipped off into the night all. Thanks to targeted observation and accurate services surveys, the 41 year old Romanian was found Sunday morning in Rome and arrested. He had his face still scarred by recent injuries. Also in the capital were traced some countrymen who attended the lite resulted in murder. . Main source can be read reading the following home page.

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Four of every ten deaths by heart attack occurs in winter.   no comments

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The study ‘ Ambient temperature at the onset of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest affects neurological outcome after one month’, has analyzed more than 240. 000 patients over 18 years old who suffered a heart attack between January 2005 and December 2010. He studied if the environmental factors such as room temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity and sunlight hours obtained from the State Meteorological Agency in the hour in which cardiac arrest occurred influenced the patient’s neurological status 30 days after having suffered a heart attack. Previous studies already pointed the existence of a high variation of deaths by acute myocardial infarction (AMI) depending on the season of the year in which they are produced. Et at Dilaveris. They analyzed deaths from Ami during 2001 in the city of Athens and noted that the deaths in winter were 31.8% higher than those produced in summer. Meanwhile, another study published in the Journal of the American College’ and performed in Minnesota concluded that there is an increase of more than 16% of the risk of sudden cardiac death in winter. . Related facts can be read visiting

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