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Well a week after the State election in Thuringia CDU and SPD in Erfurt today begin their exploratory talks to examine the chances for a possible Government. The Social Democrats suffered dramatic vote losses in the election, Prime Minister Lieberknecht (CDU) has offered a continuation of the previous coalition. However, the SPD with the left party and the Greens will discuss a common Alliance. The negotiators of the SPD, Bausewein, want to go into the investigation open-ended. Meanwhile SPD and left party in Brandenburg today continue their exploratory talks. The services trade union Verdi continues her fight for a collective bargaining system of employees with strikes at four German sites of the US mail order company Amazon. Workers at the Amazon sites in Leipzig and Bad Hersfeld and into ditch near Augsburg and in the North Rhine-Westphalian Rhein mountain are called to the work stoppage. The strike is to last until Tuesday at the end of the night shift. In the OSRAM production site in Berlin takes Instead of a rally against the planned job cuts.   End of July 2014 the Board of OSRAM Licht AG has announced that over 1 700 jobs in Germany over the next three years shall be reduced. Participants will be expected 1 600.

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Yellow on 13-year-old committed suicide in Rome under the lens friendships on Facebook Read it on Messenger Digital.   no comments

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ROMA-There is a group of Italians under the lens of the investigators. This is friends on Facebook of the suicide of 13-year-old Trastevere. Faces and profiles that intertwine on the net and have as common denominator the island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde where he was born and lived the victim before he fled to Rome and be adopted into his new family. Some of these people are part of an association that focuses on helping children living in the slums of the archipelago of Cape verde, others do not. a trace that may help understand the reasons that Thursday afternoon pushed the girl, received four years ago by a wealthy Roman family of wich, attacking a rope to the ceiling of the bedroom to kill himself after a quarrel with his mother who had discovered in the hands of Katya (fancy name) a tablet that nobody knew anything. But these are not the only elements under consideration by investigators. In computer science expertise requested by the Deputy Prosecutor Maria Monteleone, at the head of pool specializing in sexual offences and abuse, finished even the computer that she uses to connect to the Internet, in addition to the tablet and two mobile phones, all devices whose mother did not know existed. NEW INTERVIEWS in the coming days the judge delegher the flying squad, which has entrusted investigations, to feel even the MOM of the little girl and some teachers at the middle school attended by suicidal teenager. An act due for reconstructing the life and habits of the child. An autopsy prepared by the Prosecutor, made Saturday, ruled that there would be no violence. While waiting for the expertise on tablets and mobile phones to figure out who they are, or if they have been stolen, because the latter hypothesis could open new scenarios. The magistrates now suspect may be an adult gifts, as 13-year-old’s room were also expensive clothes, tricks and some accessory that the young, saying the family could not afford with just pocket money. INCITEMENT to SUICIDE will arrive today the first results of the examination on the tablet and mobile phones, you need to go back to the name of the owner (or owners) that could be entered in the register of suspects, where for now the pm has suggested the crime of incitement to suicide. Katia’s choice was a terrible decision, faced with extreme lucidit and through a long and complicated ritual reconstructed by investigators: the girl took a rope, he probably attacked with a ladder on a hook in his bedroom, made a loop, if tied around his neck and let her go. Even the letter written to excuse does not explain well what there is behind the suicide. The teenager called a mistake. MOM, I love you, I feel guilty for what I did, writes in his farewell, without understanding that a mother cannot be nothing unforgivable. .

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Basketball: the France mate the American ogre in preparation for the world.   no comments

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The France managed an unexpected achievement in dealing in the United States their first defeat (76-72) for 8 years in official match, Sunday in Paris in the final match in preparation for the world of women’s basketball. Six days before the start of the competition, which takes place from September 27 in Turkey, Céline Dumerc teammates delivered a second part of heroic match to snatch the victory from the American. It is indeed only three minutes from the end of the match the blue took the advantage against the best team of the world, who had dominated them by more than 30 points two years ago in the OJ of London final. At the start of the meeting, the French had yet shown the same pale face as the day before, in the defeat against Australia (71-55): febrile, in lack of success, dominated throughout the game against American who quickly took the wide reaching the end of the first quarter with 14 points ahead of (20-6). Symbol of the Tricolor burst, Sandrine Gruda was finally found its effectiveness under the basket. She who had failed any of the 5 shots tempted during the first ten minutes went to scorer continuously to succeed a pretty 10/12 across the two quarters intermediate times. I love the hardness and the game came to me, recounted Gruba at the end of the match, especially satisfied to have managed to react after the disappointing performance of the previous day. Within the scope of American cons led by Mc Coughtry or Augustus, the French however failed to pick up very quickly but dominated the second and third quarter time (20-18, 20-15) to address the last period with only 7 points behind (53-46). Worn by the public of Coubertin, transcended the image of Gruda, Ana Maria Cata Chitiga, Emilie Gomis or Dumerc, they returned to a point before taking the lead through Helena Ciak (63-62) three minutes from the time prior to handling the end of the meeting. If we win the American world, there may be talk of earthquake relativisait Ana Cata-Chitiga, one of the satisfactions of the day. We came to learn and each of the three matches we learned something, welcomed Valérie Garnier, the coach of the blue. Yesterday (Saturday), it was learned that it had to be harder, today (Sunday) that everything could happen in sport. . . But the main thing is the first game in the world against the Turkey. .

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F1, Singapore Grand Prix opens the world: Hamilton WINS, Rosberg Ko.   no comments

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-Hello Hello advantage: Rosberg va Ko and Hamilton will take advantage, going to win authority Singapore Gp and then passing the lead in the world standings. The RACE LAP by LAP the League then officially reopened, with the two contenders now practically at the same level. And because Hamilton, the seventh season and success at 29° of career, now flies to 241 points and crossing his partner, German Nico Rosberg remains dry points because his car is not even at the start, playing dumb to electronic problems in the starting grid. Who imagines that for Hamilton that today has been a very easy race is wrong: Lewis preceded by a whisker the Red Bulls of German Sebastian Vettel and Australian Daniel Ricciardo accompanied by Alonso’s red. And because the threesome of phenomena used the chance of an early pit stop to try to get to the bottom with only one pit stop: the Red Bull taken care by the arrival of the Safety car, the Ferraris of Alonso with courage. And because Fernando was stuck in the pits when he was second, sacrificing the position to avoid the second stop. In the end it didn’t work, of course, but it was nice to see someone who dares against that sort of rocket disguised as F1 which is the W05 Mercedes and. , Felipe Massa also dot (Williams), Jean Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso), Sergio Perez (Force India), Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) and Kevin Magnussen (McLaren). But-despite the good duels-eventually their performance has gone completely unnoticed, as all eyes were focused on the leading Quartet. .

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ANCONA-fortunately only Tragedy touched in the Mediterranean. Last night a Grimaldi Lines ferry with 760 passengers, Europa Link, in service along the line Igoumenitsa-Ancona-Trieste, ended up against the rocks in Corfu. The Ancona Port Authority said that there were no injuries nor damage to drive on board. The ship was expected in the port to Doric 17 today. The five ships, the company Minoan Lines (Grimaldi group), has a gross tonnage of about 46 thousand tons, and a ro-ro vessels, the largest in Europe. According to initial information gathered by the coast guard, during the trip to Italy would end against a rock in the waters of Corfu Island: the impact caused a big Gash on one of the sides of the ship, but luckily no harm to people. After the accident the ferry has docked in the port of Corfu. Minoan will provide passengers with a second ship, which is expected to leave for Ancona in the morning tomorrow. The Ships would depart from Ancona to Trieste to 19 today, to return to the marches tomorrow at port 14.   .

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Taking into account the difficult economic and fiscal conditions of today, in which public sector investments have several likely to be excluded from national budgets, this plan represents a considerable commitment to investment in the public sector aimed at growth. The EU cohesion strategy is admirable and intelligent. If such investments were strongly oriented towards material infrastructure-in particular transport systems, now the agenda has changed, focusing a more balanced set of objectives, including human capital, employment, skills and the technological basis of the economy, information technology, growth with low CO2 emissions and governance. That said, one can legitimately ask what economic and social gains we expect to obtain from these investments. Of course, support high rates of growth required to sustain high levels of public investment in order to increase the profits of private investment (and therefore investment levels), which in turn increases production and employment. But public investment is only one of the components of successful strategies for growth. Will definitely be positive in all possible scenarios, but if you take other impediments limiting medium its impact will be much more beyond the short term. Three additional issues seem to be of decisive importance. The first, mostly the responsibility of the European Central Bank, are interested in price stability and the value of the euro. The second is taxes, and the third is structural. The inflation rates, at far below the annual target of 2% of the ECB are in zone a deflation risk. Given that deflation tends to increase the actual weight of sovereign debt and liabilities of public administration as the pension system, where it presents the situation could jeopardize already fragile finances of many States, and prevents growth. In a post-crisis context of aggressive monetary policies and unconventional in other advanced countries, the ECB’s policies, less aggressive (thanks to its more restrictive mandate), led to an exchange rate that has harmed the competitiveness and potential growth of tradable sectors of many economies in the euro zone. This is crucial, because most of the economies in lived prior to the crisis, growth parameters are characterized by high and unsustainable levels of aggregate domestic demand. Rebalancing, therefore, requires us to move towards the tradable sector and external demand. A weaker euro would certainly benefit. .

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Machiavelli’s the Prince becomes e-book “plus” with Reader comments.   no comments

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He completed 500 years just last year. The book of worship for acclaimed and aspiring dictators caudilli, is the most popular Italian literary work in the world, for editions and translations. It is said that a copy was always present on the desk of Stalin. The fame of its author has produced a timeless, perennial: adjective Machiavellian. "The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli does not age ever. But adapts to the times. Otherwise what would Prince. And since we live in an age of social, here’s an idea of Utet Books: Machiavelli + (#Machiavelliplus). An e-book version of the Prince who allows his readers to comment as tweet the masterpiece of Florentine writer. A dialectic confrontation with the thought of Machiavelli, at a distance of half a Millennium, which also sounds like an opportunity to confront the Italy of today. An electronic book filled with classic notes, but with the extra contribution of several contemporary tweets that appear on @UtetLibri, @TwitSofia_It and @ 24Domenica. The best Tweets are housed in Appendix e-book, in constant update. Many are original aphorisms and maxims of "Prince". Here are some: "Within in my desk; and in the door I stripped down the dresses cotidiana, full of mud and Lotus "; "It is not unimportant to a #principe the election of Ministers"; "It is a question of aims, by range, strength and steadfastness. It aims to achieve at least the minimum "; "#Machiavelli Oracle unheard by his contemporaries. For centuries admired/misunderstood "; "#Machiavelli is always up to date; strategies to manage and conserve power. Consensus building "; "Agathocles did kill all ‘ senators. Today there is much talk of Senate reform ". There’s even a mock Cesare Borgia, writing: "and nothing in Italy, no one who has taken literally Machiavelli: so far, my example of virtue has neither followed nor follower". But about Cesare Borgia, the real one, son of Pope Alexander VI. Niccolò Machiavelli from Florence had 33 years and was already a ranking diplomat, when he met him. It was a shock, an epiphany. Hyperactive, voluntarist and seductive but utterly unscrupulous, Cesare Borgia was a leading Shakespearean epic, pre-and, in hindsight, dramatically modern poi. The vision of his amoral applied utilitarianism in politics is considered the basis of "the Prince", and the choice to write it that way. How to sculpt universal plates, of Evergreen lessons on conquest and the maintenance of power: with good or bad, beyond good and evil. Even today, the Prince does not leave indifferent. Indeed, it seems often the format of global realpolitik. But "House of cards". As he wrote the Florentine Machiavelli: "Rule is make believe". .

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Serbian Ana Ivanovic, 10th World Player, won for the first time the WTA in Tokyo by beating the recent finalist of l? US Open the Danish Caroline Wozniacki 6 – 2, 7-6 (7/2), ranked it 9th. It took 99 minutes to Ivanovic, 26 years, to beat Wozniacki (age 24) and win in this duel of former one world. It was very physical. There were many long exchanges and I am extremely pleased to have won the tournament, said Ivanovic, who had dismissed the German Angelique Kerber in the semifinals. I have quite often climb to the net to finish the points, added the Serb, who has now won 23 WTA tournaments, including four this year. Under a scorching sun, Ivanovic has in the first set took three times the service of his opponent (1st, 5th and 7th game) to win easily 6-2. In the second round, Wozniacki, who wanted to erase his defeat of two weeks ago in the final of the US Open against the number one world Serena Williams, took control of the part (3-1). But Ivanovic recollait to the score at 4-4 with his offensive game to finally easily prevail in the tiebreaker (7/2). I have done everything for good serve and return correctly, but Ana has played very aggressively, said Wozniacki, who in 2010 was imposed in Tokyo. Wozniacki was playing his 37th final (for 22 titles), but raised a trophy in 2014, that modest tournament of Istanbul. The two players could end up the week next to the tournament in Wuhan, China. .

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Mudslides and floods: Severe weather pull severity on the South and East boundaries.   no comments

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The firefighters in breathing have kept largely Germany’s Hamburg – fierce storms, mudslides broke away in several States. Also on Sunday must be expected in some regions with showers and heavy thunderstorms. In there were many floods. A mudslide fell on the Federal Highway 85 near Rudolstadt. In Blankenhain, lightning lit up 600 straw bales. In an interlocking system of railway in Neudietendorf, Gotha, lightning struck and affected the regional and long-distance traffic. As many travelers at the Erfurt central railway station were affected. On Friday evening, strong precipitation in the room Erfurt and Gera had caused flooding and traffic congestion. Many basements were full with water. Heavy thunderstorms over the district Zwickau moved over in Saxony, Germany. Due to the heavy rainfall, many road junctions were now, in the city, as a police spokesman said. Several motorists stuck in the water mass. As rain peak, the German weather service registered 32 litres per square meter within an hour in the afternoon southwest of Zwickau in Lichtentanne. Also in Saxony-Anhalt, heavy rains went down on Friday, and on the night of Saturday local triggered mudslides. .

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Fallen into the trap. And then sold from one armed group to another. But not in the hands of jihadists Islamic State is what might have happened to Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo, the two young Italians disappeared in Syria at the end of July, as reported today by a Lebanese newspaper close to the Iranian-backed Shiite movement Hezbollah ally of the Damascus regime. For the release of two Italian and father Paolo Dall’Oglio (kidnapped in Syria over a year ago), is meanwhile dropped in the field, with a video appeal in Arabic, and in Italian, the Union of Italian Islamic communities (Ucoii), that by the mouth of the imam of Florence, Izzedin Elzir, turned directly to their captors. The appeal of an Imam: Liberate three hostages-’ I appeal to you who say they are Muslims, liberate our three hostages Father Dall’Oglio, Vanessa Marzullo and Greta Ramelli, urges the imam in video message in Arabic, and in Italian it will be spread by leading Arab network. They have worked in Italy for the interests and the Syrian people’s liberation and have gone to Syria to help him against the regime. As the Qur’an says, no one can accuse someone of something I didn’t do, therefore I invite you believers, or at least say to be, to release these people Italians, continuing the appeal of Ucoii. Long list of Italians seized in the world-The newspaper al Akhbar that published the article on Ramelli and Marzullo is hardly unbiased. But when, in the last few months, had published reports on the fate of Paolo Dall’Oglio, the Jesuit priest who disappeared in northern Syria in July 2013, the tale of his sources was later confirmed by both the Italian active sources for liberation of Dall’Oglio both Syrian from different sources. A Ramelli, Marzullo and Dall’Oglio added other Italians seized worldwide such as The port, cooperating Giovanni disappeared in Pakistan for the last two years, Gianluca Salviato, employee kidnapped in Libya in March and the divine Mark, the engineer kidnapped two months ago in Libya. Rumors about two Italian girls abducted-the fate of the two young Italians, Lebanese newspaper quotes a source identified as a pseudonym, Ahmad, describing it as a former militiaman of Abizmu, the place where they lost track of two Italian in early August. The source quoted by al Akhbar argues that Ramelli and Marzullo were attracted to Abizmu as part of a prearranged plan to pluck and demand a ransom. According to the source, the activist that the two young men and the journalist Daniele Raineri Sheet were in touch was one of those who spend a lot of time on the Internet. Sold several times but not to the Isis-Internet activist and would have known. Greta and Vanessa have subsequently traveled several times to the House of an activist. Between them they created a bond of trust, suggests the source. Only then, the activist-whose source is not familiar with the identity-in Exchange for money has lured into the trap: a visit to the home of the head of the Revolutionary Council of Abizmu, the strong man of the town. The latter, continues the story, has been sold to another armed group in the area. The source mean that the two Italian may be sold to the Islamic State and makes it clear that Greta and Vanessa are among the Western region of Aleppo and the Turkish border. .

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