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This convention objectives and management (COG), which must still be e sign with the State, a re u the favourable opinion of 15 directors, including the Medef and the CGPME). Thirteen have vot against (including CGT, FO, CFE – CGC) and 7 abstained (including CFDT, CFTC). D cattle on 9,600 d shares retreat pr seen between 2013 and 2017, the convention proposes to replace that 53%, which is 5. 110 recruitments and 4. 490 d shares not be replaced, says the Cnam in a communiqu. This text confirms insurance in its missions of guarantor of access rights and care, management of risk throughout the system me care and pr sees an increase of 2% per year of the devoted s pr prevention funds, according to President of the Cnam, Michel R gardener. In addition, he adapted the capacity crates, through health and social funds, the CMU compl additional thresholds increase intervention and aid compl additional sant, pr clarifies the Cnam in his laser. � . Similar facts can be inspected reading homepage.

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West Bank and the Gaza war: Rage without consequences.   no comments

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With quiet hand movements, Raghad Kashef leads the needle in the vein of RAED Abd al-Halim. The student nurse has routine, she does it for the 40th time this Thursday. Hundreds of Palestinians have flocked to the blood bank in Ramallah, they want to help their compatriots in the Gaza Strip. In the morning, the imams in the mosques in the West Bank and Gaza had called for action. The Red Crescent is to ensure that blood donations are also really arrive in Gaza. However, a third intifada, so a popular uprising against the Israeli occupation is currently unlikely. We have become too much to lose, says Mazen Kumsija, Professor at the University in Bethlehem. Palestinian society is characterized by the consumerism. The middle class first remember how she can repay their debt to the Bank. Not because, as she can shake off the crew. Especially Ramallah has experienced a small economic boom in recent years. Exiled Palestinians to invest and build houses, diplomats and employees of foreign organizations bring money to the city. Most want to put on the game here. The crew is now 47 years – most people in the West Bank and Gaza were 1967 not even born. The Palestinians have become accustomed to the crew, says Kumsija, and he makes no secret of his bitterness. We have become accustomed, that we’re not allowed to Jerusalem. The arrogance of the occupying forces. We have lost a large part of our self esteem. A long-lasting wave of protests considers Kumsija therefore excluded: as soon as the bombing stop, it is again quiet as a tomb in the West Bank and Gaza. . Original data could be studied checking this

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Syria: 49 dead in fighting between Kurds and jihadists.   no comments

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Syrian Kurds have seized positions held by the jihadists of l?Islamic State (EI) in the North of the country at the end of heavy fighting which claimed 49 lives among the warring parties, announced an NGO Thursday. L?Syrian (OSDH) Human Rights Observatory also reported clashes in the East of the country between a Sunni tribe and the EIS, that members of the tribe were called uprising against the jihadists. The battle Wednesday in Ain al-Arab, a Kurdish village on the border with the Turkey, has resulted in the death of 14 members of the Kurdish militia of the people’s Defense units (YPG) and 35 jihadists of the EIS. Dozens of other veterans were injured, according to the?Observatory. At the end of the fighting in this sector of the province of Aleppo, Kurdish fighters have resumed to the jihadists several hills they occupied. The situation is now calm, according to the OSDH. A mid-July, nearly 800 Kurdish fighters had flocked to Turkey to fight the jihadists from l?EI which surrounded Ain al-Arab. Furthermore, in the province of Deir Ezzor (is) largely controlled by jihadists, Chaitat tribe faced the EI coming to arrest three of its members, in violation of an agreement between the two sides, according to the Observatory. According to the NGO, the tribe had promised the EIS to not confront it provided that the jihadists do not engage in abuses against its members. The territory of this Sunni tribe stretches over three villages: Abu Hamam, Kashkiye and Ghranij. Its members have posted on Twitter: Chaitat rises against the Islamic State. Five jihadists, including a Belgian, were killed during the fighting, according to the OSDH. The EIS has expelled rivals of the oil-rich province of Deir Ezzor, after taking control of large swathes of territory from the neighbouring Iraq. . Main facts can be studied checking the following website.

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School, Gandhi: “equal Veto on public? Stop a fight between State and non-State “.   no comments

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"I understand the matching schools, but simply vetoes on education". The Minister Stefania Giannini on Printing intervenes on controversy erupted around the case of Bibiana, municipality in the province of Turin where the veto of a peer school prevented the opening of a municipal nursery. A choice made possible by a regional resolution 2013, when he was still President Roberto Cota. The situation that has been created in the town of Piedmont, said Gandhi, "rather than discrimination" is a "reaction, inadequate in but motivated by the increasing difficulty of survival that many a level playing field in Italy are experiencing". A problem that must be tackled at its roots, "according to the Minister. That, however, does not explain how it is not even the way that the Government intends to take to put an end to the "serious economic difficulties living matching schools in some regions" and "improper battle, all Italian, only between State and non-State". A fight that must be overcome in the name of the essential idea that education is a fundamental right of the person ". "Up" State, the Minister continues, "the duty to guarantee the quality and the exercise of the right of choice for families. This law is not certain in this direction ". Then reassures parents who wished to enrol their children at the school Hall, and explains "what is very clear to our Government’s responsibility to turn the page on the subject of education". Then "give all those concrete answers that parents expect, here and now", because "cross-vetoes between public and private sectors are the rotten fruit of a past season". In this case, the Minister continued, "I found confirmation that you have not yet solved the real subject at national level: non-implementation of the law in 2000 Berlinguer recognized the equality of educational institutes present in the country legally. But unfortunately we have stopped here, the formal recognition ". . Original source could be found reading the following article.

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PSA starts to earn money by making cars.   no comments

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Sales in Europe, rising 11.7% and in China and Asia, up 27.7%, helped offset declines in the other regions r. The group, which has reduced its losses in Latin America and in Russia and aims a return the balance in these areas at no later than in 2017, update any specific focus on the Chinese market to recover. Its share of march is e pass of 3.8 4.2%, and the annual sales target has been identified, 650. 000-700. 000 unit s. The new boss of the group, Carlos Tavares, ex – num ro two of Renault, had d voil in April plan strat strategic Back in the race (from back in the race) that should allow PSA to reconnect with the profitabilit. The group is also on the line e announced during the presentation of the strat strategic plan pr: achieve a free cash flow rational op r current positive in 2016 and, between that date and 2018, a free cash flow op rational combination of 2 billion euros. � . Extended text can be inspected reading blog.

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Internet addresses of country extensions can not be entered.   no comments

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Extensions of internet addresses that refer to a country may not be the subject of judicial foreclosures, argues the global regulator of the Web, Icann, which wants to block requests for victims of terrorist acts. Victims lawyers American and their families, who won the trials against the Iran, the Syria or North Korea that they accused of having supported terrorists, indeed filed appeals to seize the domain names of sites hosted in these countries, namely the termination of addresses in. IR for the Iranian sites. Sy for the Syrians and. KP for the North Koreans. The approach, which comes as part of an attempt to recover assets to compensate victims, could endanger the unique structure, global and interoperable Internet, argued Icann in an appeal sent Tuesday evening to the American justice. The input extensions corresponding to countries would destroy any value they may have and could lead to the deletion of hundreds of thousands of internet addresses ending with these domain names registered by various individuals, companies and charitable organisations, details Icann in its appeal. Domain names are not a property, and are not + detainees + or + + owned by whom this including Icann, and therefore cannot be seized, also provides counsel for Icann, John Jeffrey, Wednesday in a statement. Icann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), based in the United States, manages the allocation of domain names worldwide. Were especially far refers to countries but are gradually being extended to other geographical references (. paris), trademarks or generic terms (such as the famous. wine which the registration application is extremely controversial). . Extended facts can be found visiting

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“the Syrian crisis has more Syrian than the name”.   no comments

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 The failure of negotiations in Geneva, the loss of speed of the free Syrian army, a fragmented opposition and the influx of jihadi fighters seem to condemn the population at Bachar Al-Assad regime, while the international community is more and more silent. How to get out of the impasse? Does call into question our own vision of the conflict, contaminated it also by the variable’ religious ‘? July 19 at Avignon, release invited Hala Kodmani (Franco journalist), Ziad Majed (political scientist, Professor of the study of the Middle East at the American University of Paris), François Burgat (Director of research at the CNRS Institute of research and studies on the Arab and Muslim world), and Philip Luther (Deputy Director Middle East and North Africa) to discuss the theme: "Syria: peace impossible? ” This debate, moderated by Farouk Mardam-Bey, Director of the Sindbad (Actes Sud) collection, is found in its entirety at www. Contemporary Theatre. NET. . Related data can be found visiting

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Robots invade Milan, 3 days among the pioneers of the ‘ living machines ‘.   no comments

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Milan, July 30. (Reuters Health)–will come out from their laboratories. Destination: Milan. The metropolis, after Barcelona and London, will become the capital for three days of robots. Any machines, but not ‘ full of life ‘. Pioneer Team of scientists around the world, including Italy, we work for years and have managed to create a real ecosystem: Humanoids and quadrupeds, robot insects, plants, fish, microorganisms, interfaces between artificial systems and biological systems. It’s the army of ‘ Living Machines ‘, living machines, a three-day Conference that opens today at the National Museum of science and technology ‘ Leonardo da Vinci ‘, to close the 1 August. An event organized by the European Consortium ‘ Convergent Science Network of Biomimetics and Neurotechnology ‘ (CSNetwork), in collaboration with the Italian Institute of technology (Iit), which is the cradle of many robots made in Italy, and the support of the European programme ‘ Future and Emerging Technologies ‘. It is nature to inspire the work of these scientists who annually meet at conferences Living Machines to take stock of the progress of the sector. Experts studying living organisms to replicate the characteristics and operation into robots and artificial systems, i.e. in living machines, and to develop technologies that allow the creation of hybrid human-machine entity, the machine acts to support or replace human biological structures, such as limbs and prosthesis for the brain. In Milan will discuss scientists of different disciplines, to work on the definition of bio-Mimetic technologies and able to integrate with living beings. And tomorrow will spotlight various research projects from all over the world: from the robot to search through smell ‘ Gnbot ‘ at the Universidad autonoma de Madrid on hippocampus on the wheels of the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, from the interactive representation of the behavior of an animat environment (University of Sheffield) to Android ‘ Face ‘ capable of reproducing the facial expressions and. University of Pisa Piaggiofrom robot with multiple legs (Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory) to biped robot for experiments on locomotion (Osaka University). . For extra information on this subject click web site.

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The majority of Russians not worried Western sanctions (survey).   no comments

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The majority of Russians do not sanctions worry us and European against Russia, that Westerners hold responsible for the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine, according to a survey published Wednesday by the independent Levada centre. Thus, 58% of Russians say do not worry of the isolation of the country on the international scene, while 61% react the same way to economic sanctions and policies taken against Russia, according to the survey. Washington and Brussels have announced Tuesday new sanctions against the Russia, the highest ever taken since the end of the cold war. The Russian population feels obviously not directly concerned: for 59% of those surveyed, sanctions are actually elite political Russian, responsible for making the decisions. Furthermore, 60% of Russians living in cities vote against the adoption of reciprocal sanctions aimed to Brussels and Washington, considering that it is necessary to continue the cooperation with the West. The survey was conducted from 18 to 21 July to 1. 600 inhabitants of 134 cities and villages in Russia. . For extra information about this subject visit

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Emergencies: at least two hours of waiting for half of the patients.   no comments

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To better understand the situation in hospital emergencies, l a (Drees) Research Directorate conducted a photograph June 11, 2013 one-day type in 734 reception points in France where 52 018 persons were treated. According to this study, support emergency lasts less than two hours for half of the patients, except those who stayed in short-term hospitalization units (UHCD) including the crossing is longer.  Most patients come to emergency in the daytime and early evening, up to 20 hours. A quarter of crossing takes place between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., and 10% between midnight and 8 am. In six out of ten cases, the arrival in an emergency department results from the initiative of the patient or the Council of a loved one. Patients arrive for two-thirds of their home and went to 70% for emergencies on their own. By firefighters and ambulance transport is involved in only 11% of cases. According to this study, one-third of the patients surveyed, representing 17,000 patients, have taken steps regarding their State of health during the 24 hours before their arrival in an emergency department. Three times out of four, approaches have been conducted with the treating physician or another physician. It can also be a call to the emergency medical (services EMS) service in 11% of cases and 8% after a call to the fire department. Another lesson: the motivation of patients to get in an emergency is based for two-thirds of them on at least two reasons. Or, identified medical reason exists and it is the best way to be treated. Ease of access is also regularly cited. It happens as patients move to emergencies after trying to apply, but no response, to a doctor. In three cases out of ten, the coming emergency is motivated by an accident. Many people are also moving in these hospital services to soothe their anguish. Obviously, the use of emergency is higher for infants and seniors aged 75 years or more, with grounds of appeal more varied than for the other age classes. Traumatic injuries are still the main cause of coming to the emergency room (36% of patients) and are originally seven passages out of ten for the 10-14 year olds. After a stint at emergencies, three quarters of the patients return home and 20% are hospitalized. . You should click the following to read extra about this interesting topic.

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