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A spacious secured parking and rescuers with breathing apparatus – which has offered travelers on Tuesday evening on the locking system in Vaterstetten-West, could one already scare. The large-scale operation was necessary, because hydrochloric acid escaped on a tanker truck. Noticed a man had this against 18th 8: 00 when he paused on the locking system. He observed that white smoke came out at the top of the tank case with dangerous goods marking. The 57 year old driver was asleep in the cab of the saddle train. The entire parking area was cleared and blocked access to the locking system. The fire approached the tanker with respirators and woke up the driver. From the charging documents was that the tanker with 24 tons of hydrochloric acid was loaded. Two firefighters climbed onto the tank trailers and, composed from a ventilation pipe, from the acid steam left in. The driver to the place of unloading in Wasserburg could continue, he was accompanied by an official of the danger good squads of the Autobahnpolizei Hohenbrunn. The locking system was closed for two hours, 85 forces of the fire brigades of Ebersberg, Vaterstetten, Feldkirchen, Hergolding, Eglharting and the ABC train Munich were in use. . You must click this article to learn more on this interesting topic.

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Editoriale Espresso, save costs cut earnings for the half-year.   no comments

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Espresso Group continues to offset the decline in turnover for cutting costs. And so the balance of the semester for the Publisher diRepubblicasi is closed with profits to 3.8 million, in line with the 3.7 of 2013, although revenues have dropped 10 percent to 332.5 million. Given that have impacted both circulation revenues ( -6.8%) and advertising ( -7.8). As for the full-year forecasts, "they are strongly dependent on the advertising market, which is still uncertain status," says a note that referred to as the organicodel group, including forward contracts, amounts at the end of June to 2. 391 employees and the middle of the period is less than 4.5% compared to the first half of 2013.   How to refinance, on 2 April was placed a five-year convertible bond nominal value of 100 million euros which pays an interest rate of 2.625 percent and a conversion price set at 2.1523 euros per share, nearly double the current stock quotation at the stock exchange. With the completion of this operation, which has its capital increase was approved Wednesday by the shareholders, "the Group has provided its refinancing by, in addition to the already mentioned issue of Convertible Bond debt retirement programs of a. Manzoni & c. either through factoring transactions (contracts already signed), which through securitisation transactions (contracts in progress), can count, starting from 2015, on significantly reduced borrowing costs than current ", adds the note. . Related data can be read checking article.

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Olivier Delacroix: I’ve always had a free spirit.   no comments

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Olivier Delacroix. -My mother was mother at home, and my father, painting contractor, in Evreux. I was rather restless and talkative. Often, I did not see the utility in school to sit all day, with the same mugs. I démerdais me to have the average, don’t be pissed off by my parents or teachers. But I thought especially soccer and tennis. You wanted to be professional football player? -Originally, I was surfing and I didn’t feel like doing much. Then, I went to the practical Journalism Institute because I wanted to be a reporter for war. I saw myself with my camera at the other end of the world, as Richard Boyle in El Salvador, of Oliver Stone. I quickly overtaken! The school of journalism, you find yourself in a promotion of 40 people who take themselves, for the most part, for the monsieur-et-madame-je-sais-tout. And then it comes especially to write slips behind a computer,.-during my first year at the IPJ, I formed the group Black Maria with friends. I wrote the texts in french, I was composing and singing. Things have taken a turn which we did not expect. It was spotted by the Director of a festival that did us sign a contract with a Belgian record label. They released an eponymous debut album, which single wolves children quickly aired by radio. And we went on tour for 200 concerts. How you join journalist in sky, my Tuesday! -When I came out of the IPJ, I didn’t include a writing. I had not chosen these studies so that an editor tell me Coco, you are going to get out of the National Assembly. I’ve always had a free spirit. And I needed adrenaline. I had the chance to meet Christophe Dechavanne through my fiancée at the time who was his assistant. He was a journalist who would be able to go grenouiller in circles a bit border and find cookies for sulphur sky debates, my Tuesday!. -My luck is that I’ve never had to choose. I really owe it to Christophe [Davies] who let me go on tour and returned to me upon my return. Stop the music, it was out of the question. If I had to stop something, it would have been my job. But I also need to be free: need I can get with my surfboard at the other end of the world, from one day to the next, if I want. And only my profession of journalism could offer me financial freedom. -After my disagreement with Christophe [Davies], in 1998, I was fed up to the TV. So, I decided to mount a bar in Evreux. I had the fantasy of the little bar itself, far from Paris, whose scanning doorstep with the morning dew, face a little ray of sunshine. And then there is the reality: I quickly had the impression of being an assistant social,. with the Ricard plus. Eight months later, I was back in Paris. How do you find a place on Canal +? -When I come back, I see that in TV, friendship is short-lived: wherever I call, no one gives me the job. And then, yet again, things are linked. A friend takes me as an assistant director for the true Journal. On the occasion of the presidential election of 2002, Karl Zéro propose to be producer delegate for his daily show. Then I become reporter Thursday for investigation. And Bruno Gaston recognizes the singer to the antenna! -In seeing me in one of my documentaries of immersion for Thursday investigation [the supermarkets in the smashes, the damned of Manila], it recognizes the lead singer of the Black Maria. He was patron of France 4 and would propose to make documentaries for new looks!Today, you continue to carry out front, TV and music? For more insights regarding this subject click

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Daddylicious: Dog days – 10 tips for parents against the heat.   no comments

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Give me a F. give me an E. give me a R,. HOLIDAY! Summer, Sun, vacation. Yes, many think. The holiday season but also a bit organization means for parents, because in addition to schools and universities, the day-care centres and kindergartens are usually also closed. The children are cared for at home or it goes in the said holiday, ideally during the closing time. So or so the heat sets to the children. Whether at home, on the drive or on the beach. To high temperatures hit the mind, allow children bad sleep or eat very little. Here are ten tips that parents can make something more pleasant temperatures over 30 degrees. Parents tend to, even at high temperatures constantly to assume that their child is attracted to breezy. Just the little kids can still not so good to regulate their body temperature. Even if in the evening in the cot the hands and feet slightly colder feel, this is no indication of "Hypothermia". To verify whether the child is too warm, parents at the neck should feel. No sweat = everything alright.  The neck is sweaty then point might help 2. Children should wear the airy. So clothes meant that are not snug against the skin. So no bodies or tight pajamas. The heat accumulates under too narrow or too small clothes and the body is able to regulate even less the temperature itself. Sleeping bags or thick blankets are taboo. Even if children away struggle ceiling and to lie, that can build up the heat. An airy cloth does help, when the little ones without ceiling can fall asleep. The joint initiative of parents sudden infant death syndrome (GEPS) Germany e. V. recommends that sleeping babies at high temperatures only with underwear or diaper. Head and foot control the self-regulation and should not be covered.  Airy clothing is important by the way even during the day. The best is a UV-suit. Forget the expensive ice cream sugar calorie bombs from the beach shack. 50 euros on the shop counter, which you can better invest in Gambas and a good bottle of Pinot Grigio go per holiday happy times. There is the ultimate parents combo for healthy ice cream. Make it yourself! Freeze fruit juice, for example with the ice moulds ‘Rocket’. Get yourselves before the holiday of high Kühlpads, such as bag2zero. The bags hold up to 72 hours constant temperatures around zero degrees, are completely non-toxic and cost around 20 euros. Thus, incidentally, also pretty much every car travel within Europe is secured with cool drinks. Three days at the Rock Festival anyway (just as a small tip!). Everything in the cooler and departure. Signs of a stroke are food refusal, conspicuous behaviour (high pitched screaming or indifference), body temperature is above 41 degrees, no sweat and dry or irritated skin. At this sign, the body temperature must be lowered immediately, otherwise it can cause seizures and a shock with failure of the cardio vascular system. Immediately call an ambulance, which bring baby or child in the shadows and work until the doctor arrives with cooling envelopes.  Especially when children sleep on the beach, you should regularly in the neck feel, whether it feels not too hot and sweating the child sufficiently. A sunstroke is caused by direct overheating of the head in the Sun. This ignites the meninges and severe headaches, dizziness and nausea are the result. Although less dangerous than heatstroke, parents must act as well. Babies and young children are more susceptible to the heat exhaustion, because its skull is much thinner. Sensitivity is also needed. . You should click this blog to read extra about this interesting matter.

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USA: the Wall Street Journal victim of a cyber attack claimed on Twitter.   no comments

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The Wall Street Journal announced on Tuesday night have been the victim of a cyber attack claimed on Twitter by a hacker who proposed to sell access codes to the server of the American economic journal. In its online edition, the daily life of affairs, which is part of the same group as the financial news Dow Jones Newswire Agency, indicates that its computer graphics service has been hacked by third parties while asserting that no damage has so far been found. At this point, we see no evidence of any impact on customers of Dow Jones or the personal information of customers, acted as a spokesman for the newspaper, quoted in the article. No alteration on graphics (charts, tables,) were also identified but the system is still under examination, ensures the journal, stating that several computers have been developed offline in order to isolate attacks. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said revealed the computer intrusion after his claim on Twitter by a hacker who offered information to customers but also to data with finance, allowing access to the log server. Andrew Komarov, the expert in cyber security which alerted the daily, such access would change articles, d "add new content (,.) and delete user accounts. According to the WSJ, Mr. Komarov, patron of the California firm IntelCrawler, is on the trail of this hacker which successively became known under the pseudonym of Rev0lver and Worm and who founded a black market of computer faults called Worm. in. The United States has more occasions alerted to the dangers of cybercrime and its economic impact. Mid-July, the American Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew had thus affirmed that a successful cyber attack could threaten the financial stability of the country. . You should read this hyperlink to learn more regarding this great topic.

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Why the Denmark should buy the F-35 and turn back to Europe.   no comments

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The tender relaunched by the Denmark played in advance for Lockheed Martin? And more precisely the odds are they stacked in favor of the F-35, a program that still has the technical and financial setbacks? Except huge surprise, American fighter aircraft should be chosen by Copenhagen at the end of the first half of 2015 even if Airbus Group and Boeing have decided to participate in this invitation to tender. In 1999, despite severe cuts in the budget of the Danish defence, also affecting the army of Danish air (RDAF), Copenhagen does not call into question his participation in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. And while many voices amounted to a withdrawal of Denmark’s phase CDP. In 2001, politicians remain divided and the Parliament seems closer then a European choice. During a debate on the unit price of the JSF, the Government almost a political crisis, some analysts considering the price of the closest JSF that 25 millions pledged $ 65 million. Why then obstinacy of the Denmark? Because Copenhagen was prospects of industrial return including the maintenance of employment and access to new technologies. Main Danish industries working for defence, group head TERMA, owe their growth to industrial return linked to the F-16 program. The JSF program is therefore the best way to ensure their future post-F-16, wrote thus in 2004 the Foundation for strategic research (FRS) in a report on the JSF and the consequences for Europe of armaments.  Thus, the phase CDP, seven Danish engineers were sent to Boeing and Lockheed Martin teams to defend the powers of their industries. The Danish defence TERMA group aims to participate in the development and production of the future aircraft radar system. In this context, six Danish companies, TERMA, Falck Schmidt, IFAD, Infocom System, Maersk Data and Systematik Engineering create August 21, 2001 the JSF DK Team to more effectively influence the political actors, then explained the FRS. Negotiations lead to a decision on co-financing of the Danish contribution by the three industrialists, TERMA, Systematik Engineering and Maersk Data. March 13, 2002, the Minister of Defense Svend Aage Jensby announced the participation of his country in phase SDS (development) against an investment of 125 million over 10 years (2002-2012). 45% of this sum will come from industrial contributions (to the tune of 20 million) and the budget of the Ministry of the economy. Svend Aage Jensby seeks to reassure members explaining that they can annually receive information on the State of progress of the programme and the place of industrialists in the latter, the Denmark has the possibility of leaving the project with a notice of three months, and that in all cases, this presence in phase SDS is without prejudice to a future acquisitionemphasised the FRS. . Main source can be studied reading this

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Malaysia Airlines crash: Netherlands expect repatriation of the MH17 victims.   no comments

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The Government of Dutch Prime Minister mark Rutte said Wednesday on the day of national mourning. A plane with the first coffins of crash victims of flight MH17 is expected in the afternoon against 16: 00 in Eindhoven. There, they to be received by members of the Dutch Royal couple, the Prime Minister, a Government spokesman announced on Tuesday evening in the Hague. After landing the machine, a minute’s silence will be held in the country. 298 people were killed in the crash of the Malaysia Airlines machine in the Eastern Ukraine. 193 of them were Dutch.    Experts from Malaysia handed over the flight recorder on the Dutch investigators in the evening. You had handed out before the unit by the pro-Russian separatists get. The so-called Black Box containing the flight data recorder and the voice recorder, will now be taken to evaluating the British Farnborough. It is a standard procedure that flight recorders would be screened after a crash in the nearest laboratory, Malaysia informed airlines on Wednesday. Experts from the South Asian country would also travel to Farnborough. According to experts it is considered unlikely that the flight recorders allows to draw a conclusion about the perpetrators of the attack. The international police agency has started with the identification of the victims, meanwhile, Interpol. A team of ten people took on for preliminary investigations in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Interpol said. In the Netherlands, the identification will be completed. The whereabouts of several crash victims was initially unclear: A Dutch expert who examined that were been transferred by the separatists in a refrigerated train to Kharkiv, said the victims of the crash on Tuesday, there were only 200 bodies in the train. The separatists had specified the number with 282. A spokesman for the Observer Mission of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said staff had seen more body parts at the scene in at least two places. Also, large quantities of personal effects of the passengers had been removed. The West had accused the separatists to go to eight – and circulation with the mortal remains of the victims. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a speech at the Malaysian Parliament on Wednesday he was angry and disappointed about how disrespectful the victims was handled. The bodies of Malaysian crew members and passengers to be transferred according to his data, as soon as the forensic work is completed.   PM @NajibRazak says he’s angry at the way remains of deceased were treated, without dignity and respect #MH17_-Sumisha Naidu (@sumishanaidu) July 23, 2014. You must read this to read extra on this great matter.

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Ukraine conflict: Politicians make World Cup in Russia in question.   no comments

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After the alleged shooting of a Malaysian passenger plane on the East of Ukraine, several German politicians make the hosting of the football World Cup 2018 by Russia in question. If Russian President Wladimir Putin not actively involved in the investigation of the plane crash, which is World Cup 2018 Russia unimaginable, the Chairman said the sports Ministerial Conference of Hesse’s Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) in the Wednesday edition of Bild. He demanded that FIFA must examine whether the award of the World Cup could be maintained yet. Economics Minister and SPD Chief Sigmar Gabriel wanted to not participate in the discussion. I do not think very smart to engage in a debate about the next World Cup, now four years in advance, he said the dpa news agency. He could understand but that just the Dutch were enormous with over 190 dead in shock. There are hundreds of families that are affected. The former Dutch international John van ‘ t SCHIP had previously called for a boycott of the World Cup in Russia via Twitter. The Government in Moscow stands for months due to the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and its support of the pro-Russian rebels in the East of Ukraine in the criticism. Because of Russia’s role the EU and the United States in the conflict already decided in several round sanctions against Russian leaders and institutions. After the probable launch of the flight MH17, they consider a further tightening of sanctions. . Inspirational facts could be studied clicking the following

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Repsol expects to begin prospecting near the Canary Islands in the last quarter of 2014.   no comments

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The President of the Canarian Government, Paulino Rivero, raised on Monday Repsol President Antonio Brufau, opposition from the Society Islands to carry out an oil exploitation in waters close to the archipelago and has asked him to, therefore, cease to carry them out. Brufau, for its part, has explained that Repsol will implement all possible means to avoid any environmental problems during their activities. In statements to the media, Rivero has insisted on the idea that future surveys are producing disaffection towards the State, and said expect the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, to take the reins of the matter. Therefore, he explained that he has requested formally a meeting on this matter precisely with Rajoy. In addition, it has criticized the position of the central Government, since it seems to have much more interest in which does not carry out the suspension of this record than own shareholders that form part of Repsol. Rivero has asked that rationality prevails and will take the same decision that drove with the Zapatero government, which paralyzed the authorizations until there was an agreement with the Canarian institutions. It explained that its Executive will appeal in amparo to the Constitutional Court after the latest judgments of the Supreme, and has advanced that it will also ask the suspension injunction when the definitive authorizations because there is risk of incidents that may be irreparable in the exploration. Reiterated the message that Canary does not sell, is defended, and underlined that the State has a political problem in the Balearic Islands, to the point that has the intuition that cooking a negative declaration to resolve it. Brufau said that all possible controls will be taken so that there is any kind of environmental problem, or anything that may seem to you, and coded in the surroundings of the 13. billion euros investment in case of finding material liable to be removed. In his view, Spain could have many resources, which in the case of oil, may be 10 per cent of national consumption for ten or twenty years, and in the case of gas, a very important input for the Islands. They will put all media security to ensure that the project is absolutely safe and that there will not be any environmental problem, or spills or anything, he said. . Extended information can be read checking home page.

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Bankrupt wind power company: Prokon founder of Rodbertus disempowered.   no comments

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Loud echoes the voice through the exhibition hall B6 in Hamburg, she is always hectic. Their wealth is remaindered, which is infidelity and fraud, it counts through the Hall. At the desk is a big man with thin braid and an orange polo shirt. He is Carsten and was once considered wind power pioneer, as eco guru from the North. But it now is because so many participants tell one that is tangled up in words, later. Now they fear the investors make their money. There are 29 600 creditors present, personally or by proxy. Dozens of judicial officers in blue uniforms make their way through the ranks. The senior judge Sabine Wudtke has forbidden even talks with the neighbors. Because this is a meeting of the District Court Itzehoe. Outsourced in the largest exhibition hall in the nearby Hamburg. In Itzehoe in Schleswig-Holstein is the seat of Prokon. Save the administrator will still want the eco company. Prokon 2nd 0 – so is the working title for the new start. To do this, the 43-year old lawyer wants to get its core business and employ 300 people. Prokon to develop wind farms in Germany, Poland, and Finland in the future, build, and operate. Today, the company has more than 281 windmills in Germany and 13 parks in Poland. Separate Penzlin wants to be from ancillary as the vegetable oil factory in Magdeburg and the loans for wood plants Torgau and huge forests in Romania. Then comes the moment when many prick up their ears. Penzlin will make future profit participation rights holders owners of the company? You may convert their certificates in equity. If they so wish. He knows that it takes such words, so that the people for his bailout vote. Again, there had been rumors that Penzlin would accept a large institutional investor, possibly smashes the company. Exclude he doesn’t want such an investor on Tuesday, but the preferred way is that creditors take over the power, he says. Actually Rodbertus has want to inspire even the mass on Tuesday. Again and again he told advance in E-Mails about an own redevelopment plan and how he wants to pay back investors in the long run but still the money with interest. But this is not on Tuesday. Above a 53, which suspects he will soon lose everything stands on the stage instead. Because people later will vote for the bailout of former municipality and is sure that the administrator remains and disempowered Rodbertus. I would like to thank my few remaining friends, calls the company’s founder. Then his speaking time is up. . Root facts could be found reading this

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