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The Bologna Prosecutor’s Office has opened a dossier on alleged irregularities in cognitive collecting signatures of 5 Star Movement ahead of upcoming regional elections in Emilia-Romagna, reported by two grillini of Monzuno (Bologna). The issue, on the table of the Prosecutor added Valter Giovannini, is for now no suspects or changing lanes. The two activists have submitted the complaint to the carabinieri della compagnia di Vergato, three pages plus a cd with files downloaded from the network, reporting irregularities in the signatures collection of aspiring candidates M5s of the bolognese. In particular, one of the collections was held in Rome between 10 and 12 October (would the faith pictures posted on social networks), whereas, according to recent case law, you should not leave the territory of competence. On another occasion, rather the collection took place in London in recent days, without the presence of the person concerned, what instead laid down in legislation. Similarly, according to those who have exposed complaint on two occasions were not present the councilors Karl, Massimo and Marco Piazza. It is, in one case, an event organized in a bolognese restaurant, meeting the Group’s habitual M5s, the 15 October and, on the other, of signing-day scheduled a few days later. According to State activists, one of them responsible for collecting signatures, who works in Town in Bologna for the M5S, could not deal with it in working hours and with the mail box of Palazzo D’accursio. The news came on the day in which the candidate of the President’s Chair, Julia Gibertoni met the press and launched bipartisan accusations, pointing out that several candidates, primarily that of Pd Stefano Bonaccini, are investigated. . Extended information can be read reading site.

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Siren-Warner: Shine instead Claxon.   no comments

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We recruit 1500 engineers each year and are in competition with all multinational: Daimler, Audi, Apple, Google, says Valeo’s Director General Jacques Aschenbroich. With the competition about mobility around the car, we want to draw attention to us. In any case, succeeded. Approximately 3,000 students were entered into a wave of more than 1000 proposals from 55 countries at the company’s headquarters. Valeo experts sought out the most promising ideas including, who received 5000 euros each, to develop their projects. Seven teams were presented their work in Paris. Including students from the Fraunhofer Institute in Karlsruhe: stimulated Dieter WILLERS Inn, her boss at the Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics system technology and image analysis (IOSB), the trio mused a subject on the subject of acoustics. Now it was Tatütata to vote yet the gauges on the typical pattern of the sirens. We had to filter out Additionally the entire spectrum of incidental and noise that make up the traffic noise so Wahlandt. The software that was housed together with the warning light in a small box, a cable to the cigarette lighter was sufficient for the power supply. We have ordered the components us over the Internet, so Hadda, the costs amounted to around 30 euros. The project convinced the jury members in Paris, the Germans brought it so that at least among the first seven of 1000 proposals. An innovation that will significantly improve the security, so the Valeo experts in its assessment: A fast informed driver is better can respond to an emergency situation. As the intellectual property of the idea at the Karlsruhe remains student trio, they consider to a commercialization of the device. Your boss has ever logged on the invention at the Patent Office, reported Wahlandt. For the time being but we need to study first finished. . Extended information can be inspected clicking reference.

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Politics and talk shows: more and more lost in front of the farce.   no comments

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Mother should I trust the government? "Roger Waters sang, assuming a loud no. It works everywhere, there can be trusted even in England that civil, for better or worse, remains one of the best functioning democracies in the world. I would say more: in each system, each assembly or public occasion it is impossible to say the whole truth pure and simple. The lie is ingrained with the policy. Isn’t that ten, twenty or a hundred years ago Italian politicians were so sincere and honest; But today it has surpassed every limit, in terms of numbers and of decency. It is difficult to recall a more disingenuous than Government in Office, where everyone from the President of the Council at the last of his ministers, occur every day in a florilegium of untruth, announcements and empty promises. With all media, except rare exceptions, standardized and normalized as had never been seen before. The majority found a substantial edge in who should oppose it, in one bold party game. All pretend: left who goes out into the streets and then, with fanciful motives in front of where the "parallel convergences" were simple boys games, never does miss the numbers for the trust. The dissidents not leaving the Democratic Party, i will allearvisi vendoliani. On the right the situation appears more composite: while the four cats Alfano are officially to the Government, Berlusconi will pretend to the opposition, while showing himself ready to replace any missing votes (by internal minorities to Pd). Various Brunette occasionally have a few notes controversy, it sounds out of tune in front of the slavish adherence to the Pact of Nazzareno, repeatedly reaffirmed by the master. To League and brothers of Italy was given a location (elettoralmente convenient) to free hitters: angrily criticize everything and everyone, as if in the last twenty years were almost always the command levers. At the same time, participants all together passionately, at various local government, not least the Lombardy, one of the richest regions of the world. Let alone if they want to question a balance that provides so much power with few votes. No one escapes that forthcoming elections will all be merged: Ncd, Fi, and FdI League once dominated by Berlusconi or his offshoot. Against the "sinister". Among other things, the position of finta opposition grants this great party dominated by single thought (whose face was a White Whale River pescetto) the partition of all assignments. In addition to those that are in the majority, presidencies of councils and commissions follows the signs for the Parliament in joint session, all their jobs and guarantee positions end up in the hands of people caused by that grand coalition Pact that governs the country more or less clearly from a twenty year period. Especially in a makeshift stage of politics, where every prospect is impeded and there is content to short range goals, the occupation of places of power at all levels has a relief of absolute preeminence. Out of these games is the only real opposition force, the M5S seen as alien force, not recognized in methods and consolidated policy mechanisms, primarily by the President of the Republic. Struggle, I believe and hope, authors and presenters of talk shows that have television studies so as to meet, for a minimum of audience, representatives of opposing positions. You look at the age, the beautiful presence, a little less competence and preparation; with hedge funds and that those who pretend to stick then, parliamentary, classrooms share votes and positions in almost all cases. Faced with this enormous sham, who has sufficient critical tools don’t get fooled too, is increasingly lost and orphan of any representation. Fall tv ratings and the number of stops involved in politics: for now, who doesn’t want to give its contribution to a political class that is leading the country to waste paper, has not left it no choice but to go to feed the enormous reservoir of abstention, which affects half the population, or try the desperate Cricket card. . For additional information about this matter read url.

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Halloween, the France prohibits clown costumes: “Terrorizing people.”   no comments

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It’s evil clown psychosis in France, after numerous reports (and some arrest) of clowns who ran well armed for the roads of the country. In Vendargues has decided to prohibit even the costumes on the occasion of the feast of witches. The disturbing tendency of clowns terrorising people are catching on everywhere: USA to United Kingdom (Northampton) until Italy (with DM Pranks in Perugia), i pagliacci murderers they reap "victims" (but only for the scare caused). Also in France a few weeks multiplied the evil clown aggression to persuade the police to issue a national alert, even for Halloween.  But some people did more: in Vendargues, village of 6,000 inhabitants of the South of the country, for the feast of witches no greater than 13 years up can wear a clown suit.  The Mayor Pierre Dudieuzère said that the measure will "protect children by preventing malicious clowns mix to the inhabitants". As mentioned, the arrangement is the daughter of dangerous fashion that is spreading in recent weeks. It is mostly masked boys who enjoy scaring people. But someone was seen going around even armed with baseball bats and knives.  On 20 October, a man with a fake weapon dressed as a clown at Douvrin in Northern, was sentenced to six months probation. Only in the Herault six complaints were made to "violent clown". Several attacks have been reported in Macon, in France, at Grenoble, and Chamaret, in the Drome. In all cases the perpetrators of the attacks arrested claim to have drawn inspiration from viral videos circulating on Facebook and YouTube. These, in turn, are back to Stephen King’s novel It, the clown murderer then transposed to cinema in 1990 with a film that has become a veritable nightmare for children around the world. . Related text can be read visiting http://ba1fa4b8182a647286518f9925f.lucaeisenberg.eu.

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Striker Uruguayan Paris SG (D1), Edinson Cavani, author of a modest start to the season, ensures that now everything is fine and says that its situation is unique to PSG, in an interview with the french daily Le Parisien/today ‘ hui in France Friday. I’m fine, assures the player. He has had a tough time, but not only for me, for the team. The results were not to go, he added. Concerning heard critics in recent weeks, Edinson warns: I am ready to receive criticism (,.) I assume my responsibility and I do everything to return the situation. But must be judged in general and not only some footballers. And explain: my situation is a bit special. I respect the decisions of the club and coach, but I have the characteristic to be able to play in different positions and accomplish various missions. I have to be strong in my head and tell me that once I’ll play to a position and the next time to another. This is what makes my situation, but I am working to adapt. The Uruguayan, 27 years, who plays on the side to make room for striker for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, recalls: when a football player is not playing to his position for a moment he lost the timing in travel. This first point is fundamental. About his relationship with Swedish striker Cavani wondered why there are so many questions? There is no problem, he says on a daily basis, I have the same relationship with him than with my other partners. He admits even be better when Ibahimovic is with him on the ground. We are complementary. It can attract defenders on him and create spaces. It puts its partners in value. . Inspirational facts could be found visiting the following fact.

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Easing of monetary policy: course fireworks on Japan’s stock market.   no comments

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A stunning course Fireworks has triggered on Friday the Bank of Japan. With the announcement of an unexpectedly large package of measures to stimulate the economy, Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has spurred the imagination. For the Nikkei by more than four percent to a new year high it went upward, the yen came under massive pressure. The Japanese Central Bank increased its asset purchases for the first time for more than one and a half years after its inflation target of 2 per cent, increasingly out of reach has been. Specifically the Bank divided with their annual purchases of asset – your most important tool to propel inflation – to increase 80 trillion yen. The previous range was 60 to 70 trillion yen. The Bank of Japan wants to buy mainly more Japanese Government bonds. Also she want to put in equity and real estate funds. On the other hand, statements of the State Pension Fund in Japanese aroused the hope of increased stock purchases. The Fund aims to reduce the proportion of domestic bonds by almost 60 percent on only half way towards medium to long term. The Fund is $1.2 trillion. Buying pleasure there is also the other stock exchanges in Asia. So the hope in China also based on stimulating measures of the Central Bank. In addition, companies have presented positive reports. The Bank of China and the agricultural Bank of China have the net clearly increased, allowing the shares to 2.4 and 3.7 percent rise. . For more data regarding this topic read resource.

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Police warnings to Halloween: there the fun stop!.   no comments

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Creepy moments, scary panels and small pranks include Hamburg – for Halloween. But some people do it too far. So the police in Germany warns of dangerous actions: blasted letter boxes, damaged cars and dirty House facades are therefore now Halloween like the hangover after new year’s Eve. But it is clear also that the blasting of mailboxes or the puncture car tires are crimes, not peccadilloes, according to an announcement of the Bavarian police. According to the Aachen police, more than twice as many emergency calls go down in local monitoring station on Halloween as on other feast days. Mr. become the numerous missions, the police will work nationwide on Friday in many places with increased team. In France, the police also has to contend with Halloween. There, fear and terror spread since some days as clowns dressed up evil-doers. With gun Dummies, partly with real weapons, they go off on people. The concern in the population is now so large that the police speak of a collective hysteria. In the city of Montpellier, near the village of Vendargues an 18 year old in the shortcuts was convicted only on Monday to a prison term, after he dressed a man with an iron bar as a clown. Previously 14 teenagers dressed as clowns in the Hérault had been detained, who were armed with knives, baseball bats and guns. There is no way to distinguish between the candy inside of the appearance. Even experts can’t, warned Patrick Johnson, owner of a shop for cannabis products in an educational video of the Denver police. Colorado is the only U.S. State in which the sale of the drug is permitted in addition to Washington. Since January, a slew of marijuana products in specific stores is offered – including many sweets with the fabric. . Original data could be read reading the following http://ba1fa4b8182a647286518f9925f.lucaeisenberg.eu.

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Circo de los Horrores in Naples, the smile as an antidote to fear.   no comments

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Welcome to Circo de los Horrores, where anyone afraid to stay is not permitted. "Do not give malefic circle for no reason and everyone suddenly suffer panic attacks, I can only say: ‘ oil slick ‘". Begins auspiciously international show of Iberian origin, arrived at the Mostra d’oltremare in Naples after a tour throughout Spain, Latin America and Miami, with a following of more than 1. 500.000 viewers. Theatre, circus, cabaret, an explosive mixture for two hours of pure entertainment from live with bated breath. "Why tell a story Theatre and use a script; The circus because we use this technique to create and tell our stories MIME and acrobaticamente developed; Cabaret for the sensuality of some performance, for the harmony and interaction with the public, direct contact and the mood suited to adults, cool and intelligent. With a touch of mischief that makes it hilarious its duration ". The artistic inspiration of the Circo de los Horrores is now clear: the black and white film and the cues taken from the most famous horror film are obvious since the entry into runway of pale Nosferatu (Suso Silva, artistic director). An old Gothic cemetery of early 19th century will be the alternative location of the classic circus stage in sawdust and will welcome the Narrator ghostly, ready to emerge from his coffin to insult the world of humans and, at the same time, interact with them, acting as a guide in this scary journey. In support of Nosferatu characters intervene as the Mummy, suspended in the air with Ribbons that are lost among his bandages; The teenagers of the Exorcist, which exploit the possession scene on bed for staging seizures and spasmodic movements with an extraordinary performance of contortionism. Emotions, at some point, are no longer recognizable, following the show’s relentless pace and overlap one another as the bodies of extraordinary gymnasts from all over the world. The laughter, frequent and well distributed, serve as an antidote to fear, to remind viewers that are always found in a circus and their function is anything but marginal. Is the audience, the other Member of the company, starring in a show that does not presuppose the existence of a fourth wall and tends to establish a very strong empathic contact with his "guests". . Original facts could be found checking the following web site.

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Pesh fighters reach Kobans.   no comments

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A group of 80 Pesh had landed Wednesday at the Turkish airport of Sanliurfa. Television pictures showed how Kurds in Turkey greeted them with cheers. More 70 fighters as well as heavy weapons, including artillery and anti-tank rockets, were taken overland to the Turkish border town of Dona. Kobans has surrounded largely IS, merely the way over the border to Turkey is still free. But Turkey had locked up long against a passing of Kurdish fighters on its territory. Because according to the Government in Ankara, the Kurdish people protection units in Syria are linked with the workers Party PKK. This is classified by Turkey, but also from Europe and the United States as a terrorist organisation. As a result of intense pressure from the United States the Government in Istanbul had given permission at the beginning of last week but then, that the fighters about the Turkey must travel to Kobans. The city is under siege since mid-September by fighters of the IS, which previously had captured several villages in the vicinity. More than 800 people were killed in the fighting according to by activists. More than 200 000 fled the region in neighboring Turkey. . For extended information on this matter read source.

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Who wants the skin of Thierry Lepaon?   no comments

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Indeed, there is a rule to the CGT: policy-makers cannot win more than 2. 300 euros monthly. Beyond that, they must repay the sums received in their organization. It could also dwell on the consequences sometimes negative of this rule, that grows, as in the case of Thierry Lepaon to find arrangements with the century to improve lifestyle. Fact remains that 120 m 2 at Vincennes at that price can than ‘straightening’ not only the base, but the device itself. In addition, Thierry Le Paon made major symbolic mistakes within his own House. January 28, 2014, he would for example without his organization’s mandate to an invitation by the CRIF, where it took positions favourable to Israel. In was not more to the wrath of a large part of its base, sensitive to the Palestinian cause. Suddenly, each and others searched and started questioning its relations with Alfred Sirven, with the leaders of Moulinex, and even its relationship with Freemasonry. Thierry Lepaon is indeed initiated in a Norman Lodge, and its sponsors do not appear to have belonged to the Marxist family. . You should click this link to discover extra regarding this amazing topic.

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